Membership Benefits


Monthly Member Gifts

Each month you'll receive a one-of-a-kind gifts, only available to members that month! These exclusive and rare gifts are only given to players once and will never be released again!

Two Coins

Double Rewards

Earn double the rewards from the Daily Spin wheel every day! Earn double the credits as a member to buy the latest and greatest items in the shop!


Exclusive Island Access

Be the first to play the newest islands that come to Poptropica! Unlock special prizes and get exclusive access to the latest and greatest islands on the map!



Create a custom clubhouse to hang out in with your friends! Choose from different member-only themes and decor, ranging from castles to diners and even enchanted forests!

Bunny Head

Members-Only Pets

Get access to all the pets available in Poptropica! From ponies to bunnies and more, members are able to adopt any pet available in the Pet Barn!


Members-Only Outfits

Customize your character with exclusive outfits available only for members! From special powers to amazing costumes, members get access to everything in the shop!