Fairytale Island 🏰

Here ye, here ye! Welcome to Fairytale Island, the newest addition to Poptropica! The idyllic fairytale scenes mask a dark reality for the island's people -- their happy endings are in danger!


Enter Fairytale Island through Mainstreet, where you’ll soon encounter many familiar favorites from fairytale folklore (try saying that 5 times fast) and discover that several of the island’s residents need your help in reclaiming their happy ending. Make the most out of your visit and become the hero of your own tale!

The people of Fairytale Island have lost their happy endings.

Explore the Dark Forest, Palace, and High Road to solve the mystery of who’s threatening Fairytale Island and its happy endings.

Side Quest: Little Red Riding Hood needs help delivering her Grandma’s pizza order through the Dark Forest. Navigate the forest’s labyrinth with Red until you come across Grandma’s charming cabin and complete the delivery.

Red's Side Quest



Side Quest: In the Palace, you’ll come across Amelia and the seven dwarves – they need your help waking a slumbering Snow White from a mysterious spell.

In the Palace with Amelia, Dwarves. and Snow White

Side Quest: Scale the High Road and let Cinderella hitch a ride to get to the ball on time! (She’s very particular about time for some reason??)

Troll Bridge


Complete the side quests and come face to face with the villain himself.


After returning Fairytale Island to its happy endings, you’re awarded 2500 credits and have successfully completed Fairytale Island! Your services have been greatly appreciated, young adventurer!


Need a guide? Watch the official Fairytale Island walkthrough video HERE