Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Poptropica is now available on Steam! 🖥🎉

No matter if you’re visiting the islands for the first time or reliving treasured childhood memories, the expanded collection of stories delivers a variety of satisfying adventures that place you at the forefront of the action. Play Poptropica on Steam NOW! 🗺🏝

Poptropica Steam Promo

Fully experience the one-of-a-kind narratives guiding each island, often rooted in factual history. Complete quests of Olympic proportions, retrieve ancient relics, and solve puzzles that put your problem-solving skills to the test!

Across the map, islanders are unified by a shared desperation. The citizens need a hero that can topple villains and curb unknown dangers. Will you rise to the challenge? 🏆

Prove your bold prowess by completing 17 islands that present players with magical expeditions – each more exciting than the last. Choose from a variety of game styles, ranging between casual, leisurely exploration, captivating adventures, and eerie mysteries that embrace the theatrics.

After completing each island, your efforts are rewarded with a medallion certifying your achievements. Collect the entire set to become Poptropica’s top adventurer! 🥇


Poptropica Steam Promo


For $19.99 USD (the same price as a 6 month membership!), players receive: 

17 complete islands

  • Shrink Ray, Monster Carnival, Virus Hunter, Poptropolis, Mystery of the Map, Mocktropica, Escape from Pelican Rock, Galactic Hot Dogs, Mythology (classic), Time Tangled, Reality TV 2: Wild Safari, Timmy Failure, and 24 Carrot islands.
  • 4 complete episodic Islands: Survival, PoptropiCon, Arabian Nights, and Mission Atlantis islands.

Realms: A journey of infinite discovery awaits you in Poptropica Realms! Allow your imagination to run wild in the sandbox platform, as you create brand-new worlds and explore randomly generated terrain. Encounter and tame strange creatures. Mine essential resources. Most importantly, wield ancient magic to build never-before seen environments. In Realms, you are the mastermind behind every detail!



Costumes: Tailor your Popsona to fit your style! Mix and match costume pieces to create personalized outfits that can be changed at any time.
Clubhouse: Customize your personal cottage with decor and furniture.
Pets: Adopt loyal pet followers to accompany you on your travels!
Store: Visit Mainstreet’s shop to buy costumes, special power items, decorations, followers, and more!
Common rooms: Visit an island’s common room to find exclusive island-specific gear. The common rooms double as player hubs, where you can interact and challenge other players to 1-on-1 minigames in real time.


Confront daunting challenges with brains and brawn. Encounter peculiar creatures native to fabled lands and uncover centuries old secrets. Piece together subtle hints and information while searching for clues to aid your expedition. Become the hero you've always known you are! 🥇💪

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Jade Scarab Island: A Written Walkthrough & Guide 🪲🏺✨

Jade Scarab Island - now available


Begin your adventure on Jade Scarab Island! Walk down Mainstreet and pass the Museum of Really Old Things, where the museum’s curator will call you over. She needs your adventuring abilities! In order to finish the exhibit, someone must find out what happened to the Jade Scarab expedition. Accept the quest and follow the curator inside.


Finish the Exhibit popup


Apparently, none of the other none of the artifacts have arrived from the site. Even worse, there’s no contact between the excavation crew and museum. Because you’re not an archaeologist, your job is to find out what’s happening at the site. Hitch a ride with the curator’s brother, Bes, to the village.


After the car ride you'll find yourself in the village near the dig site. Bes hints that the villagers always return the favor, before instructing you to find Howard Diggory, the expedition’s leader. Make your way through the town to find the excavation crew and chat with the locals to find out what they know.


The villagers are spooked, fearful of the catastrophes brought on by the excavation. The locals share rumors about a curse plaguing the site. Locusts have appeared, destroying crops, the animals have gone haywire, and tourists are keeping their distance – they don’t want anything to do with the curse.


At the bottom of the village, Howard Diggory is waiting at the dig site. He details the expedition’s troubles – the excavation site is flooded, the digger and the tow truck are stuck, AND the spare machinery is lost in the desert. Everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong.


Howard Diggory and the curse


Explore the excavation area and swim past the tomb entrance. First things first, you’ll have to take care of the flooding.


Local villagers talking about the curse



Speak to the remaining locals to get all the information you can! An old merchant is selling ancient wares. It doesn’t look like she has anything we can use (yet), but she’s able to fill us in on the lore surrounding the Jade Scarab. The Scarab was given to the pharaoh long ago by the gods it brought great bounties to the villagers’ ancestors. She isn’t convinced the curse is real though, because “why would you curse something you’ve safely buried?”


Finally, stop in front of the camel herder on the right end of the village. The animals look so thirsty! The herder is offering camel tours for 9999 credits (over 9000)! Without the tourists, he can barely afford water for his camels. But there’s one person that might be interested…


Camel tour for 9999 credits!


Make your way back to the museum with Bes to find the camel enthusiast we spotted earlier. Pitch him the herder’s deal to see the camels up close and personal. He’d pay top dollar to see the creatures.



Camel Fanatic


Climb back into Bes’ car and return to the village. Find the museum goer we just met, who has already beat you to the village. After paying the 9999 credits, the camels are set free! They’ll run down the hill to drink every drop of water from the flooded area. Now we can enter the site!


Tomb Entrance


Upon entering the tomb, pick up the hawk blinder, which is used to block a bird’s distractions. Further inside, the tomb is caved in! But there must have been someone digging here before the flood.


Hawk Blinders


Exit the tomb and jump to the left to find the missing falcon. Equip the hawk blinder near the bird, which will automatically fly back up to its master. Now that you've retrieved the bird, the falcon’s handler offers to return the favor. Horus, the hawk, will be your eyes in the sky. He’ll help you find the missing equipment in the desert! Fly around the desert and keep an eye out for the missing machinery. Make a sharp right from the original starting point towards the bottom right corner to locate the digger.


Aerial view of the lost digger


The digger is in working order. Did somebody just park it out here? There’s an item in the front seat – a stack of receipts! A shovel, some buckets, scuba tank, crickets?! Why would anyone need a scuba tank in the desert? Curious... With the digger in tow, hop in Bes’ car and make your way back to the village.


Stack of receipts


Back in town, speak with Howard Diggory and be sure to ask him about the strange receipts. Apparently, the scuba tank is his birthday surprise!


Now with the working digger and the drained site, enter the tomb. Inside the tomb, the foreman is already clearing the cave in. Run past him, jump into the second room, and pick up the piece of charcoal from the floor. Above the charcoal, the wall is decorated with hieroglyphics and pictures. What do they mean?


Tomb tablets


Use the charcoal from your inventory and the receipt paper to make charcoal rubbings of the engravings. Once you have your own set of the wall’s engravings, return to the village. Maybe one of the locals can figure it out!


Charcoal rubbings of tomb engravings


The old merchant knows these pictograms! The images tell a story, but it's out of order. She’ll tell you about her ancestors’ legends in the pictograms. “In a time of famine, the pharaoh pleaded with the gods to God's gift to the spirit to the Pharaoh and his people. Overnight life and prosperity swept the land. Rainy bounties of crops, livestock and fish.” Keep the woman’s story in mind and return to the tomb.  


Pictogram Sequence


In front of the wall of pictograms, press the tablets on the wall in the correct order of events. After you choose the right arrangement of tablets, the sealed passage is unlocked. Go down the hidden stairway and emerge in the newly revealed room. 


Explore the room for clues.It looks like one of the contraptions is missing. You passed the other device in the village earlier today! Climb out of the tomb and search for the matching item.


At the village’s top level, find the boy chasing a cat – with the missing item in his hand. Follow the pair and try to catch the cat to stop him. Click on the boy and ask if he'll let you return the merkhet, which is used to track the paths of stars across the night sky. Once it’s in your possession, travel back into the tomb’s furthest room.


Merkhet item


In the constellation room, place your merkhet on the empty pedestal.  Move the wheel behind the merkhet and align the blue dot along the horizontal line.  The position the blue star meets the straight line is where you will align the merkhet’s strings. Repeat on the opposite end. Once both hanging strings are aligned with the blue star’s path, you'll be able to enter the next room.


Merkhet solution


You've found the Jade Scarab!


Jade Scarab


Unfortunately, your celebration is cut short. The foreman steals the Jade Scarab from your hands and seals the tomb behind him – with you trapped in. He’s the mastermind behind the curse!


When hope is almost lost, the green-eyed cat from the village appears from behind the mummy. Push the sarcophagus lid back and you'll find an escape route. Climb down the hole and follow the cat.


Mummy room's hidden passage


Your new friend seems to know its way around the maze. Navigate the tunnels and keep your eyes peeled for the green-eyed cat to show you the way. When you finally reach the bottom level, you’re surprised with the real Jade scarab.


Bastet maze


Finding the real Jade ScarabGenuine Jade Scarab


After adding the artifact to your inventory, a hidden outlet is revealed at the top right corner of the room. Climb up to exit the maze.


Back aboveground, you'll emerge smack dab between the foreman, Howard Diggory, and the green-eyed cat. The two men plan to sell the real Jade Scarab to the queen!


Howard Diggory and the ForemanA sandworm!


They’ve been in cahoots the entire time!


In a flash, the cat's eyes begin to glow and the feline levitates in the air. The black cat transforms into a human-like figure, declaring that the Jade Scarab must be protected by the people of this land. The cat is Bastet – the goddess of protection!


Bastet transformationBastet's warning


The floating figure turns the two men into dung beetles as punishment. Bastet is grateful that you've chosen the people over profit, but warns of making the same mistake as the men. Just as quickly as it began, Bastet transforms back into her feline form and returns to the village. Now that you're safely out, you're whisked back to the museum to deliver the real Jade Scarab.


Jade Scarab in the Museum of Really Old Things


With the Jade Scarab safe and sound in the Museum, your efforts are rewarded with 200 credits and your island medallion. Congratulations! The Scarab is protected and will remain where it belongs – with its people.  


Jade Scarab Island medallion


Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Multiplayer on mobile is now LIVE! 🥳🎉

There’s great news for our mobile Poptropicans! As of this week, you can now join the multiplayer experience with the latest mobile revamp! 


All of the desktop multiplayer functions are available are now available on mobile. Use the app to enter player hubs like the arcade and island common rooms to start interacting with other Poptropicans! Challenge other players to 1v1 arcade games, send friend requests, and invite people from your friends list to private party rooms or your clubhouse! Drop by the arcade and common rooms to compete head-to-head in the Star Link, Balloons, and Sky Dive mini games! 🎮


Multiplayer Mini Game Challenges Multiplayer Arcade on Mobile


Pop into any of the common rooms around the islands! The 24 Carrot Cinema, Midas Gym on Mythology, and Bert’s Basement Gym from Escape From Pelican Rock are awesome player centers. (BONUS: they each have their own Quippy robot and special island inventory!)


The next time the Baron drops anchor on Home Island, all players will share the same experience! Wander the Airship’s Flight Deck to try out all the multiplayer features on mobile, before stocking up on credits with the Clear the Skies mini game. Then, decide which platform you prefer! Sound off in the comments if you’re a desktop die-hard or an app admirer. 👇

Friday, March 18, 2022

Surprise! Amelia's Fantasy Has Come True! Unicorn Frenzy Just Dropped on Roblox 🦄🤩

What a magical day, Poptropicans! There's an incredibly special surprise in store for you! Without further ado, all players are officially invited to play Unicorn Frenzy! 🦄🌈


Unicorn Frenzy is available to all players


Welcome to the dreamy kingdom, home to massive herds of unicorns – it’s like a dream! The unicorns fit right in with the cotton candy clouds, rainbows, and hot air balloons! Explore the brand new whimsical world and take in the sights and sounds around the arena. Then, it’s game time! Join other players in a full-blown Unicorn Frenzy! ✨


You’ll have 2 minutes to dash, jump, and scramble around the arena to collect as many unicorns as you can! Race against other players and be on the lookout for purple lightning bolts. You’ll earn speed power-ups that can mean the difference between winning and losing!


NEW Unicorn Frenzy game on RobloxUnicorn Frenzy on Roblox



What do you think about the adorable unicorns? While you’re collecting the ‘corned cuties, you might happen upon some of the teeny tiny, baby unicorns hiding in the clouds! Scoop those up too! Don't let their cuteness distract you! If you fall from any of the platforms, just hop on one of the trampolines or floating platforms to return to the sky. Can you find all of the different designs? Keep your eyes peeled to find all of the unique unicorns? 👀



The last time we hung out with Amelia, we thought we were delivering important cargo from Survival Island. Little did we know, the crate was filled with unicorns!


Amelia's Missing Unicorn Cargo


Amelia even revealed her private quarters for the first time. The entire room was fill to the brim with unicorn plushies, rainbows, and pink accessories! To say that the adventurer is a unicorn fanatic is an understatement. Now that her secret’s out, Amelia’s more than willing to share her passion for unicorns with us.


Amelia's Clubhouse Reveal: Unicorns Galore!


After a lifetime of unicorn chasing, Amelia’s an expert on the mythical creatures – she knows all exactly where to find them. She’s been waiting for someone to share her go-to spots with and is finally letting us in on her secret… A hidden haven for unicorns! 


Amelia's so excited to share her favorite hobby with you! Pop into Unicorn Frenzy on Roblox to begin the brand new adventure and challenge your friends to a round and see who can collect the most points!


BONUS: Some of our Team is hanging out in the arena NOW for a short while! Visit Unicorn Frenzy for the chance to play against us and be one of the first players in the new experience! 🦄🌈

Friday, January 14, 2022

A Closer Look: A Guide to the Blitz on the Fritz Side Quest 🔍🐝

What a week it’s been! Just in the past couple of days, Goofball Island’s side quest sequel was released, the Poptropica mobile apps have been updated, and news of PoptropiCon, Episode 2: Spoiler Alert’s return to Pop made headlines! If you’re curious about the Blitz on the Fritz side quest, here’s a quick guide detailing the chaos!



To begin the Blitz on the Fritz side quest, you can travel to Goofball Island directly or you can meet up with a unicycling Mayor Naise on Home Island who will escort you to Goofball himself. In order to accept the quest, you must have already received your island medallion.


A Unicycling Mayor Naise on Home IslandGoofball Medallion


Once on Goofball’s Mainstreet, you’ll find Katie Dare waiting outside her Hive News van. She’s looking for “bold, young hero that has what it takes to save the day.” Sound like anyone you know? If you match the description, you’re on the job! Into the news van we go!


Blitz on the Fritz intro pop upKatie Dare and the Hive News Van on Goofball Island


Inside the reporter’s van, there’s tons to take in! The walls are covered displays showing six Bee Bots’ status, screens recording altered versions of islands, and. Although Zip, Honey, Flit, Chad, and Queen bees are working smoothly, Blitz is definitely on the Fritz. Blitz has gone rogue! 


Inside the Hive News van


Apparently, Katie Dare was getting restless with all of the peace around Poptropica. In an attempt to conjure buzzworthy news, Miss Dare gave Blitz, a camera Bee Bot, a blandifying device. Now, Blitz is on a mission to blandify and goofify the other islands.


Katie Dare explaining Blitz inside Hive News van


As of now, Fairytale and Mythology Islands have gotten a dull transformation, while Survival and Escape from Pelican Rock appear wild and wacky. You must normalize the islands and restore them to their former glory!


Bland FairytaleGoofy Escape from Pelican RockBland Mythology IslandGoofy Survival


Click on each island screen to begin. Move your cursor to remove the bland and goofy makeovers, all the while the camera bot continues its chaos. You’ll have 1 minute to erase Blitz’s mess on each island. Secure at least 50% of the island’s normal appearance during that time, and you’ve successfully completed that stage! Do this for all 4 islands to transform the affected areas into their ordinary appearance!


Normalize Fairytale versus BlitzNormalize Escape From Pelican Rock versus BlitzNormalize Mythology versus BlitzNormalize Survival versus Blitz


After normalizing Fairytale, Survival, Mythology, and Escape from Pelican Rock, Blitz’s battery is empty. Congratulations, you’ve saved the day once again! As a thank you for your trouble, Katie Dare rewards you with 2,000 credits and a Zip Follower! Thanks for your help, hive five’s all around! 🥳


Blitz on the Fritz side quest completedZip Follower


That wraps up the Blitz on the Fritz side quest? What did you think of the bland and goofy versions of the islands? Do you think any packed in the glitz and glamour, or do you prefer the original island designs? Care to share your opinions/first impressions about the quest? Does Katie Dare have you feeling some type of way? How about Blitz or the unicycling Mayor? As always, you’re welcome to drop your thoughts in the comments below for other players to see! 👀


Thanks for stopping by Popstars! Happy Friday everyone, enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Breaking News: The Blitz on the Fritz side quest has gone LIVE! 🐝

It’s happening, it’s finally happening! All hands on deck! 🥳


If you’re “the kind of bold, young hero that has what it takes to save the day,” you’re needed on Goofball Island! Make haste Poptropicans, time is of the essence!


Now’s your chance to officially meet Katie Dare and see what all the commotion is about. Members, you can meet up with a unicycle-riding Mayor Naise on Home Island! He’ll bring you straight to the action. Otherwise, head to Goofball Island’s Mainstreet to begin the new Blitz on the Fritz side quest.


Blitz on the Fritz intro popup


You’ll find the Katie Dare reporting from City Hall. She confesses that Blitz, a Bee Bot, has gone rogue – it’s transforming the other islands! It’s up to you to clean up Blitz’s mess and reverse the damage. Help Katie Dare normalize the goofified and blandified islands before it’s too late!


Katie Dare on Main Street


You can play the quest on both desktop and mobile versions of the game! However, you must have already earned your Goofball medallion and be a member in order to accept the new side quest. Once you complete Blitz on the Fritz, you’re gifted a huge credit reward and your very own Bee Bot follower! After you've saved the islands from Blitz, be sure to sound off in the comments about the quest. Share any thoughts and first impressions you have with other players!


We won’t spoil the rest of the quest for you. Head over to Goofball Island to start your Blitz on the Fritz experience! 

Monday, January 10, 2022

Store Update: Clubhouse gear and frosty flannels for this time of year! 🖼🛍

This week’s store updates have arrived in the shop! There’s a bunch of clubhouse gear to report, alongside a fresh flannel costume. But before we dive in, shoutout to Friendly Feather for submitting a relatable Monday meme that gave us a good laugh. Not yet, Amelia. Thanks for sharing, FF! 🤩


Weekly store updates by Friendly Feather


Now, onto the store update!


1/10 Adventure Outfitters update - 11/10 Adventure Outfitters update - 21/10 Adventure Outfitters update - 31/10 Adventure Outfitters update - 4


This week’s shop drop is putting the Frosty Babe costume (250 credits) front and center. The Frosty Babe outfit continues the winter weather theme around Poptropica. Add the costume’s signature red plaid flannel and matching earmuffs for a cute and cozy look! We’ve already seen a ton of you wearing the new costume on the Airship, sweet styles all around sailors!


In the clubhouse only store, you can find 5 brand new clubhouse decorations, as well as 2 previously released items from Pop’s past.


1/10 new clubhouse items - store update


For the new gear, all players can add the Pinecone Garland (100 credits), Hanging Snowflake (75 credits), Scented Candle (75 credits), and Tea Set (200 credits) to their clubhouses! Members can also add the Honeycomb Shelf (150 credits) wall decoration, complete with plants, mugs, and other knick knacks!


1/10 store update - returning clubhouse gear


As for the returning décor, members have the option of sprucing up their clubhouses with the Pop Star Poster (75 credits) and Stained Glass Window (250 credits)!


January Clubhouse Items in Adventure Outfitters


The Baron’s also hosting her own pop up shop aboard the Airship! Don’t miss your chance to score the free Rainbow Puppy costume and the Dino Head, Potted Cactus, and the Cards and Candles decorations in the Cabin of Curiosities! The three clubhouse items are available to all players for 75 credits each. More bang for your buck!


Rainbow Puppy - December's Costume Contest Winner


Don’t miss the Baron’s bounty this month! Word on the (Main)street is that the Baron’s departing Home Island tomorrow. Stop by the Airship before the sky pirate’s embarks on the next adventure!


The Baron sets sail!


As a reminder, January’s costume contest is happening NOW! Submit your original costume designs by next Monday, January 17th at 8pm PST (5pm EST / 6pm CST / 7pm MST / for all other time zones, please use a time zone converter). For more info, check out this month’s contest post!


Blitz on the Fritz side quest - coming soon!


That’s all for today, Poptropicans. Don’t forget to stop by Goofball Island tomorrow for the debut of the new Blitz on the Fritz quest! You'll get the chance to befriend Bee Bot and the Hive News crew, all while saving the day!


Have a marvelous Monday! 👋

Monday, December 27, 2021

Store Update: Adventure Outfitters' last inventory drop of 2021! 🛍🎉

Alas, ‘tis the last Monday and store update of 2021! This year, Adventure Outfitters has seen quite the variety of costume attire, pet wear, and clubhouse decorations! But there’s plenty more planned for 2022 – don’t forget to stop by Home Island’s shop every Monday for new gear!


With that, let’s check out Amelia’s offerings for this week!


12/27 Adventure Outfitters store update - 112/27 Adventure Outfitters store update - 212/27 Adventure Outfitters store update - 312/27 Adventure Outfitters store update - 4


The latest inventory drops have added a brand new holiday outfit, as well as a couple of trendy costumes that you might remember from earlier in the year – and they’re available to all players!


First up: Reindeer Ready (200 credits). Try on the Reindeer Ready costume’s antlers and cozy green sweater, before joining the ranks of Santa’s flying friends for sleigh duty!


As for the returning outfits, all players can snag the Neon Rockstar, Warm Vibes, and Pumpkin Pleasure costumes for 250 credits each! Experiment with the Neon Rockstar’s bright green biker jacket to create your own showstopping outfit for any of your adventures. If you’re looking for something a little more lowkey, the Warm Vibes and Pumpkin Pleasure costumes might be right up your alley. Stay cute and comfy while vibing in the maroon hoodie or opt for Pumpkin Pleasure’s classic rainbow tee, dark wash jeans, and high ponytail.


The gear displays on the far left and right of the shop also house more from this month’s winter wear! If you haven’t already purchased your Snowman, Tangled ‘N Lights, Candy Cane suits, or the festive clubhouse decorations, this week might be your last chance!


12/27 Adventure Outfitters store update - left12/27 Adventure Outfitters store update - right



On another note, all of the submissions from December’s costume contest can be seen in our most recent Youtube video! Check out the awesome costume designs created by people in the Pop community – let’s give all the costume creators a big hand for their amazing work! 👏👏👏