Tuesday, June 7, 2022

June's Baron Brigade Is Underway! 🏴‍☠️

The Baron return to Home Island is live on desktop and coming soon to mobile! The Airship's carrying quite the selection this month, ushering in an entirely new set of plundered bounty for all players! 🗺


Baron's Arrival on Home Island


Climb aboard the Airship to start exploring the Flight Deck. Wander the Airship’s Flight Deck while interacting with other players, making friends, and people watch (Poptropican watch?) for some fresh costume inspiration.


Make your way to the Cabin of Curiosities to find the Baron’s pop up shop and private quarters. This month’s treasures are putting the 2 most recent dream islands front and center: Goofball and Jade Scarab Islands! 🤪


Decorate your clubhouse with the Baron’s collection of artifacts from Jade Scarab and Goofball Islands! Wonder how these were picked up… 


Anyhoo! For goofy gear, add a cluster of Goofball Gems (100 credits), Goofball Emperor Statue (50 credits), and Ancient Goofball Island Artifact (250 credits)! Come to think of it, can you think of any other Poptropicans with noses? 👃🤔


Lest not forget the Ancient Egypt memorabilia! Adorn your clubhouse with the Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus (100 credits) and Jade Scarab Column (50 credits). 🪲


June's Cabin of Curiosities


As always, to the left is the winner of last month’s costume contest! All players are invited to add the winning costume to your inventories – for FREE!!


Now, the time you’ve been patiently waiting for. DING DING DING, we have a winner! The latest costume creation to land the coveted title is… BOXING BARB by Nervous Star! Congratulations Nervous Star! 🌟


Boxing Barb by Nervous Star in the Cabin of CuriositiesBoxing Barb by Nervous Star


All players can now transform their Popsonas into mean, green, fighting machines! The Boxing Barb outfit features all green athletic gear, sweat band, boxing gloves, and sneakers. Mix and match the green get up with your other outfits to tailor your championship costume to your tastes. Be sure to pick up all 3 parts of the outfit (clothes, shoes, and gloves)! 🥊



This month’s Cabin of Curiosities haul totals 550 credits. In the event you’re running low on credits, play the Clear the Skies minigame on the main deck. Each successful completion is rewarded with 50 credits (and it’s replayable)! 


But beware – the Baron waits for no one! 🏴‍☠️ The Baron’s special visits only last a short while and are known to be over in a flash. Don’t miss June’s Cabin of Curiosities haul featuring dreamy island decor and this month's free costume, Boxing Barb! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

The Baron's Returned to Home Island (With Freebies & Extra Gear)!

The Baron has arrived!


The Baron is back and better than ever! Stop by the Airship and the Cabin of Curiosities pop-up shop onboard to snag the pop-up shop’s brand new and exclusive bounties! This month’s theme is… JADE SCARAB! To celebrate the 3rd Dream Island release, ALL PLAYERS can add Egyptian themed clubhouse gear and costumes to your inventories! 🪲


Jade Scarab Gear in the Baron's Cabin of Curiosities


Create an exhibit worthy clubhouse! Decorate your rooms with a funky Camel (300 credits), Jade Scarab Artifact (150 credits), Dung Bottle Artifact (10 credits), Jade Scarab Flag (50 credits), Pedestal (50 credits), and Museum Display Case (200 credits). If you’re feline Jade Scarab’s cat craze, add the Green and Grey Bastet Idols (150 credits each) and Cat Statue (100 credits) to your cottage for a purrfect space! Outfit your Popsona in the eye catching Bastet Costume (100 credits), complete with jewelry, golden robes, and cat mask! 🐈‍⬛


The entire Jade Scarab collection is available for a whopping 1,260 credits! If you’re in need of extra credits, play the Clear the Skies mini game on the Airship. Each successful round rewards 50 credits and is infinitely replayable!


Clear the Skies mini game


On the other end of the shop is this month’s FREE costume! Before the reveal, drum roll please…


April's Contest Winner and FREE Costume: Vamp Rock

April’s costume contest winner is VAMP ROCK! Congratulations to Sleepy Owl for their creative mashup of vampy goth and rockstar drummer fashion! Don’t forget to add the Vamp Rock matching boots (also for free!) right next to the outfit display. Let’s give Sleepy Owl a round of applause for such an awesome idea! 🧛‍♀️🎸



Take a look at the entire roundup of last month’s contest submissions -- well done, Poptropicans! The Team has a wonderful time seeing your creative designs, it’s always difficult to choose just one. Don’t be discouraged if you did not win, we encourage resubmitting your favorite designs in future contests! 🤩


Tuesday, March 1, 2022

You're invited onto the Baron's Airship! Catch this month's special edition treasures and 🆓 costume!

Ahoy, sailors!


As expected, the Baron has returned to Home Island! Their Airship is docked smack dab in the middle of Mainstreet – you can’t miss it. Board the Baron’s vessel to unlock the Cabin of Curiosities’ monthly bounty and stock up on credits!


Alongside the Baron’s arrival, a new outfit creation has been crowned winner for February’s costume contest! We’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who entered last month’s contest. Your ideas continue to blow us away! Sadly, only one player’s outfit can be selected. Don’t forget that you can resubmit your favorite costumes for other contests! These costume events are held monthly – there are plenty more chances to be had. Check out the entire lineup of February submissions, designed by your fellow players!


Now, it’s time to present this month’s winner. Without further ado, put your hands together for…


The De-man costume by Striped Thunder! Congratulations Striped Thunder, you designed an incredible outfit! ⛈

Striped Thunder's original "De-man" costume designWinner: De-man costume by Striped Thunder


The De-man costume takes extra to a completely different level. The outfit includes a polished set of horns, bat wings, dragon tail, a singular fang, and facial markings that fit just below your eyes. Underneath all of the fantastical features, the clothes themselves are also looking sharp! Pop on the white button up, grey blazer, and gold accessories for a casual look. The De-man costume is available to ALL players, for FREE! Don’t miss this month’s free outfit, courtesy of the Baron and Striped Thunder. 🆓🆓


Cabin of Curiosities' March inventory


In addition to the newest free costume, the Cabin is offering up some island memorabilia! Convert your clubhouse into the Carrot King Diner from (you guessed it) 24 Carrot Island! The Carrot King’s full set includes the diner’s Booth (50 credits), Table (50 credits), Hanging lamp (50 credits), Salt-n-Pepper Shakers (10 credits), and Exit Sign (50 credits). Can’t forget the Carrot King Sign (100 credits) either! Rounding out Cabin’s inventory, the Baron has also restocked the Gothic Cheerleader costume (100 credits). It’s a dark glam look, perfect to show off your skull spirit! ☠️


The Baron and their Airship will only be stationed on Home Island for a limited time! That means you better hurry to snag the free De-man costume. Once the Baron sets sail in a few days, it’s a mystery if (and when) we’ll catch the outfit again! While you’re on board, befriend other players, play the Clear the Skies mini-game, and save some credits for a rainy day. Climb into the Baron’s plane, the Red Jenny, to make your way through the air traffic. Each time you complete your flight, you’ll receive 50 credits! Not bad for less than a minute of flight time. If nothing else, make sure to to pay the sky pirate a visit before it’s too late!


That’s all for today, Poptropicans!  Signing off, mates. 🏴‍☠️



Monday, February 28, 2022

Pop Libs: Fill in the Blanks to Make Your Own Unique Short Story!

Here’s another fun, free activity to try! Put your vocab to the test with a mad libs-inspired fill in the blank story! Play with a friend or complete the activity by yourself!


Without looking at the passage, think of wacky and random words to fill in the numbered parts of speech. Whichever way you prefer to play, use the list to jot down your answers or write them directly in the story’s spaces. After you’ve come up with the 27 different words, plug in your responses. Follow along to read the finished product!


Fill in the Blank Activity


There are millions of combinations that can be made! How’d yours turn out? Silly? Weird? Realistic? Did it make sense? Share your unique short stories with other players in the comments below! 🤪👇

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Can you spot all of the PoptropiCon attendees? Try your hand at the episodic island's bingo cards! 🎟

Does anyone else keep thinking about PoptropiCon? 🤔


If you’re replaying the episodes or visiting the Convention for the first time, here’s a bonus Bingo game! Keep the bingo card by your side as you’re progressing through the islands. There’s tons of fans dressed in the coolest cosplays! Can you spot all of the attendees and clear your gameboard!


Want an extra challenge? Put your superhero knowledge to the test! Try figuring out which Poptropicans are a spoof on popular characters IRL! Which ones are you certain you know?


PoptropiCon Ep. 1: Line Forms Here - Island Bingo Sheet


PoptropiCon Ep. 2: Spoiler Alert - Island Bingo Sheet


Can you pick your favorite outfit out from the bunch? Are any of characters’ names surprising to you? There’s just so much to say after seeing all the info! “No”-megon, Toof…


Also, if you’re keeping tabs on the PoptropiCon Challenges, you know that there’s only 2 days left! 🦸‍♂️


To enter, you can:

  • Design a Mighty Action Force trading card for your Popsona or another character of your choosing.
  • Show off your dream cosplay outfit by dressing your avatar in a look-alike costume or drawing out your vision of a perfect cosplay outfit!


For more info, check out the PoptropiCon Challenges announcement! Once you've finished your designs, enter them through the submissions page before Friday, February 11th at 8pm PST (9pm MST, 10pm CST, and 11pm EST) for the chance to win free credit rewards!! All challenge submissions will be posted for the Pop community to see – keep an eye out for their reveal! 👀


Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the PoptropiCon cast in the comments section, as well as any questions you might have! ⬇️


Pop off, y’all!


Thursday, February 3, 2022

Free PoptropiCon Mighty Action Force coloring pages! 🖍🦹‍♀️

Hello all! Is anyone else still stoked about the latest island to return to the map? There’s just SO much that can be done with PoptropiCon – the island is packed with fun characters, stories, and costumes! If you’re just as excited as us, here are some awesome and FREE coloring pages to try out! 👀


Behold – Mighty Action Force from PoptropiCon! The strongest superhero squad in all the islands!


PoptropiCon's Mighty Action Force superheroes (1 of 2)


PoptropiCon's Mighty Action Force superheroes (2 of 2)


All coloring pages are available as free printable sheets for any and all Poptropicans to enjoy! To download the newest coloring pages, click on the pictures to enlarge and save. You can color the sheets digitally by uploading them on your iPad/tablet or save them to your computer to print them out!


If you use social media, share your colorful superheroes with the Pop community on Instagram! Tag your pages as #poptropicafanart or mention our account @poptropicacreators for the chance to see your masterpiece featured in the next fan art spotlight!



Have any requests? Sound off in the comments and share your ideas for future Pop-themed coloring pages! 👇


Take it easy, y’all!

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

The Baron's Airship reappears on Home Island!

Fantastic news, mates! The Baron has officially touched down on Home Island! 🏴‍☠️


The Baron has arrived on Home Island


For a short time, we’re all invited aboard the infamous Airship. But be warned, the Baron sticks to a tight schedule; they could be here one day and be gone the next. Don’t dilly-dally, join the Baron in the skies on both desktop and mobile! 🥳


The Airship's Flight Deck


Climb onto the Airship’s common room deck to befriend other players and invite them into your clubhouse! While you’re exploring the flight deck, try your hand at the Clear the Skies mini game. Plunder pirates and gather the loose cargo among the skies to earn extra credits!


The Airship's Clear the Skies mini game


When you’re done on the flight deck, head inside the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities! Each month, the Cabin is stocked full of mind-blowing goodies, throwback treasures, and even a free costume! 💸


The winning outfit from January’s costume contest, The Rockette by Purple Dragon, is on display in the Cabin for a limited time. All players can pop in and scoop up their very own Rockette outfit for FREE


January's Contest Winner - The Rockette costume is available for free in the Cabin of Curiosities!


As a bonus, the Rockette’s special power grants you flight! To activate the jetpack, press spacebar to lift off. Once you’re in the air, you’ll rocket! 🚀


The Baron's February store wares offered in the Cabin of Curiosities


The Baron’s pop-up shop displays a bounty of PoptropiCon gear that's available to all players! Browse the Cabin and buy your own PoptropiCon poster (50 credits), Glass Display Case (200 credits), Pony Bros poster (50 credits), and an Omegon mask (200 credits). Organize your Mighty Action Force figurines and Omegon mask in the display case for safe keeping. The Baron’s also clueing us into their soft and sensitive side. The Cabin’s stocked with 2 cute stuffed toys: the Green Dragon and Astronaut plushies (300 credits each), perfect for hugs. 🧸


That just about covers everything in the Cabin! Be sure to wander around the deck to interact with other players and conjure up some cosplay inspiration! Again, this month’s free costume and exclusive gear will only be available for a limited time. Take advantage of the pop-up shop while the Airship is still docked on Home Island!

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Day 2 of 12 Days of Member Gifts: Bundle o’ Beanies! 🤲

Let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOO! Day 2 of the 12 Days of Member Gifts is here!


12 Days of Member Gifts


All the chilly weather around Home Island calls for some cozy clothes! Stay warm and spruce up your winter collection with THREE new presents: violet, gray, and blue beanies🧢


Day 2 of 12: Violet, Gray, and Blue Beanies!


Have you bean(ie) keeping up with the present palooza?


Members, check your Popsona’s wardrobe to find your new beanies now! Log in every day to receive each day’s new holiday gifts. Don’t miss out on any of the stellar surprises!


Have any guesses about what other gifts are headed your way? Share your predictions in the comments! There’s a ton of fun prizes that we’re excited to share with you! 🎉