Thursday, August 11, 2022

August's Cabin of Curiosities: 2 Free Costumes and Unsettling Inventory 🤭

Although the Airship has arrived Baron-less, the sky pirate’s Cabin of Curiosities is suspiciously well stocked and in order. Has Ack been holding down the fort? Whatever the case, there’s new discoveries to be made in the Airship’s popup shop! 🥳


First up: August’s free costume and the winner of last month’s costume contest. As always, choosing only one costume is a ridiculously tough decision. Thank you to everyone who participated in July’s contest round! August’s installment is set to begin tomorrow – keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming announcement and updated details. 


Now, without further ado, this month’s winning costume is… THE HAIR by Prickly Tooth! 🌵🦷


The Hair Costume by Prickly ToothAugust's Free Costume Aboard the Airship


Add “The Hair” to your wardrobes (for FREE) to start customizing the ‘fit’s floral aura, silky tresses, white top, and brown bottoms. Massive props to Prickly Tooth for designing such a flowy, flowery costume! Well done!


August's Cabin of Curiosities


On the opposite end of the Cabin of Curiosities, all players can scoop up another free outfit – The Banana costume – complete with a banana peel, yellow shades, and sword. Like last month’s Cabin haul, August’s inventory highlights another character: The Baron! Despite the sky pirate’s absence, the Baron (and their trusty sidekick, Ack) are the main inspirations for the clubhouse collection.


Browse the Baron and Ack Painting (300 credits), Ack Plushie (200 credits), Ack’s Litter Box (5 credits), Wooden Mug (10 credits), Chest of Scrolls (100 credits)? Perhaps they seem familiar? Where have we seen these items before? 🤔


Remember, the Airship and its Cabin contents are only available for a limited time! Be sure to stop by the floating vessel ASAP to secure this month’s 2 free costumes and the Baron and Ack’s clubhouse collectables. Don’t let the captain’s absence fool you – the Airship waits for no one!


What are your first impressions of August’s Cabin of Curiosities haul? How weird is the Airship without the Baron?! Does anyone else feel the difference? Let us know! 👀

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Something’s Terribly, Terribly Wrong on the Airship

Well, Poptropicans, there’s good news and bad news. How ‘bout we start with the good news? 


August's Airship Arrival


As usual, the Airship’s made its monthly return to Home Island! The ship seems to be in working order, the Cabin of Curiosities is fully stocked, and a new free costume is available to all players. But more on that later! 


As for the bad news… you’re going to want to sit down for this. 🪑


August's Airship Flight Deck


The Baron is NOWHERE to be found. The sky pirate’s missing in action, vanished without a trace. Never before has the Airship been seen without its trusty captain at the helm. Even Ack, first mate and the Baron’s best friend, was left behind! Maybe you can make sense of what he’s saying.


August's Cabin of Curioisites


Whatever’s going on, this is an all-hands on deck situation. Climb aboard and take a look around, mates!


What do you think happened to the Baron? When will things return to normal? Share your theories with everyone in the comments section! 👇

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Get Ready to Rumpel! The Baron's Reporting For Duty on Home Island! 🏴‍☠️


The Baron has landed on Home Island!


Buckle up, Poptropicans. This isn’t your average Baron visit, it’s certainly a sight to see! 👀


Board the Airship and make your way into the Baron’s treasure trove, the Cabin of Curiosities. Before making a beeline for the free gear, there’s a good chance you’ll notice an unusual spin on this month’s Cabin collection – it’s almost impossible to ignore.


July's Cabin of Curiosities

Personally tailored by the Baron, July’s pop up shop inventory features a brass Rumpel Skull (50 credits), Rumpel Lamp (30 credits), Gold Rumpel Statue (100 credits), Unicorn Plushie (30 credits), Rumpel Plushie (100 credits), and a costume boasting an eccentric mashup of villains – Dr. Rumpel Bunskin (10 credits). The mysterious bundle totals 320 credits, not bad for a Rumpel redesign!


If you’re suspicious of the Baron’s sudden liking to Rumpelstiltskin, fear not! According to the sky pirate, they’re perfectly fine and “all of us little adventurers could learn a thing or two from him.” Hmm… the eye twitching "with the thrill of adventure" might say otherwise.


Baron's Rumpel Dialogue 1Baron's Rumpel Dialogue 2Baron's Rumpel Dialogue 3


Nonetheless, the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities wouldn’t be complete without its free player-designed costume! Presenting, the winner of June’s costume contest…


June's Winning Costume: Star Kid by Busy Bee


STAR KID by Busy Bee! 🌟💫


Stellar space outfit all around – the star eye patch and planetary tee are lovely additions to the winning lineup. Congratulations on your cosmic costume, Busy Bee! 👏👏


This is your sign to pay the Baron a visit ASAP! The Star Kid costume is FREE TO ALL PLAYERS while the Airship is docked on Home Island! There’s no telling if or when winning designs will return, so don’t miss July’s limited edition drop!


Honorable mentions: check out the entirety of players’ submissions from last month’s contest – there are tons of absolute gems (too many to count)! Shoutout to everyone who participated in June’s contest round! 🤩



Whew, what a whirlwind! What do you think about this month’s Cabin of Curiosities collection? Have any theories about the Baron’s behavior? Can you pick a favorite piece of Rumpel regalia? Share your thoughts with your fellow Poptropicans in the comments below! ⬇️


See you soon, little adventurers. 👀

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

All Player Adventures Are on the Horizon!

Calling all players! Major update, everybody. 📣


Con2: Wicked Cool News


Although the expanded release of PoptopiCon Ep. 2: Spoiler Alert to all players was just mere ago, we’re thrilled to share yet another bought of good news! Once again, a previously members-only adventure is set to become available to all! 🎉


Next week, Poptropicans far and wide are invited to join a massive expedition across the islands. Before the event in question is confirmed, we’ll give you one (huge) hint to aid in your predictions…


Something strange seems to be happening on the Airship. Pop onto the floating vessel to chat with the Baron. Once you’ve visited the sky pirate’s private quarters, prepare to embark on a puzzling journey with all your fellow players. 🗺


Who’s hyped for yet another adventure? ALL ABOARD!

Monday, June 13, 2022

Shop Surprise and Baron Goodbye's! ✨

The Baron’s monthly visit is coming to an end! 🏴‍☠️


The Baron Sets Sail!


Word on Mainstreet is the Baron will be setting sail very soon! Climb aboard the Airship to secure this month’s free costume, Boxing Barb by Nervous Star, and the Cabin of Curiosities’ collection! 


June's Free Costume: Boxing Barb by Nervous Star


Spruce up your clubhouse with new decorations from the two most recent dream islands, Jade Scarab and Goofball! Decorate your rooms with the Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus (100 credits) and Jade Scarab Column (50 credits) from Jade Scarab or add some silly flair with Goofball Gems (100 credits), Emperor Statue (50 credits), and Ancient Goofball Island Artifact (250 credits). 🪲


June Cabin of Curiosities Gear


The Baron’s Jade Scarab and Goofball island decorations are also being offered in the clubhouse store, alongside other island-inspred gear and previous month’s merch from the Cabin of Curiosities! 🏡 Other notable clubhouse highlights: Owl Lamp (150 credits), Soda Pop Station (250 credits, members only), Carrot King Sign (100 credits), and Stuffed Camel (300 credits).


June Clubhouse Items


Not one to be outdone by her sky pirate nemesis, Amelia’s restocked her costume inventories  in Adventure Outfitters! Shall we browse the latest update? 🤔


6/13 shop update - 16/13 shop update - 26/13 shop update - 36/13 shop update - 4


With the updated costume rotation, AO’s pets section houses more silly, adorable gear to outfit your furry friends! 🐶🐱🐾


6/13 pets update - 16/13 pets update - 26/13 pets update - 36/13 pets update - 46/13 pets update - 5


In case you missed it, all players now have access to 6 of the 7 pet followers (bonus: they’re free)! Browse the pet gear’s selection, now featuring Fairy Wings, yellow Rain Coat, Rain Hat, Mustache (members only), and Tear Drop Glasses (members only), for 75 credits each.


Don’t forget to spread Pride this June! Adventure Outfitters is celebrating Pride Month with free Rainbow Shoes, Sporty Pride costume, and Breezy Pride costume – for free! Players can also add the Choose Love (200 credits) and Rainbow Ride costumes (250 credits), as well as 2 (almost free) clubhouse decorations: the Rainbow Bean Bag and Pride Heart (1 credit each)! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️


June Pride Items - Left


That’s the latest coverage on the shop situations, Poptropicans! What items will you be adding to your closets this week? Can you choose a favorite ‘fit from the lineup? Share your thoughts in the comments! 🤩

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

June's Baron Brigade Is Underway! 🏴‍☠️

The Baron return to Home Island is live on desktop and coming soon to mobile! The Airship's carrying quite the selection this month, ushering in an entirely new set of plundered bounty for all players! 🗺


Baron's Arrival on Home Island


Climb aboard the Airship to start exploring the Flight Deck. Wander the Airship’s Flight Deck while interacting with other players, making friends, and people watch (Poptropican watch?) for some fresh costume inspiration.


Make your way to the Cabin of Curiosities to find the Baron’s pop up shop and private quarters. This month’s treasures are putting the 2 most recent dream islands front and center: Goofball and Jade Scarab Islands! 🤪


Decorate your clubhouse with the Baron’s collection of artifacts from Jade Scarab and Goofball Islands! Wonder how these were picked up… 


Anyhoo! For goofy gear, add a cluster of Goofball Gems (100 credits), Goofball Emperor Statue (50 credits), and Ancient Goofball Island Artifact (250 credits)! Come to think of it, can you think of any other Poptropicans with noses? 👃🤔


Lest not forget the Ancient Egypt memorabilia! Adorn your clubhouse with the Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus (100 credits) and Jade Scarab Column (50 credits). 🪲


June's Cabin of Curiosities


As always, to the left is the winner of last month’s costume contest! All players are invited to add the winning costume to your inventories – for FREE!!


Now, the time you’ve been patiently waiting for. DING DING DING, we have a winner! The latest costume creation to land the coveted title is… BOXING BARB by Nervous Star! Congratulations Nervous Star! 🌟


Boxing Barb by Nervous Star in the Cabin of CuriositiesBoxing Barb by Nervous Star


All players can now transform their Popsonas into mean, green, fighting machines! The Boxing Barb outfit features all green athletic gear, sweat band, boxing gloves, and sneakers. Mix and match the green get up with your other outfits to tailor your championship costume to your tastes. Be sure to pick up all 3 parts of the outfit (clothes, shoes, and gloves)! 🥊



This month’s Cabin of Curiosities haul totals 550 credits. In the event you’re running low on credits, play the Clear the Skies minigame on the main deck. Each successful completion is rewarded with 50 credits (and it’s replayable)! 


But beware – the Baron waits for no one! 🏴‍☠️ The Baron’s special visits only last a short while and are known to be over in a flash. Don’t miss June’s Cabin of Curiosities haul featuring dreamy island decor and this month's free costume, Boxing Barb! 

Monday, May 9, 2022

May's Costume Contest Begins! 🎨🏆

Just last week, the Baron’s Airship reappeared on Home Island. While stationed on Mainstreet, all players are invited aboard the Airship to mingle on the common room-esque flight deck and browse the Baron’s exclusive plunders products. Visit the Cabin of Curiosities to claim this month’s free costume, Vamp Rock by Sleepy Owl, and an entire collection of Jade Scarab memorabilia! This haul isn’t one to miss – hurry before Pop's favorites sky pirate returns to sea! 🏴‍☠️


Baron Sets Sail - Airship Reminder


If you’d like to see your costume ideas in the Baron’s pop-up shop, submit your outfit designs in May’s costume contest! Every month, one lucky winner earns their actual costume design in-game and offered to all players (for free)!


No need to wait, let this month’s round of costume contests begin!



Monthly Costume Contest


Enter your costume designs by Monday, May 23rd at 8pm PST (9pm MST, 10pm CST, 11pm EST, or use a time zone converter) for the chance to win!


At the beginning of every month, you’re invited to showcase your costume designs and art! These monthly contests offer all players (of any skill set) the opportunity to see your dream outfits become a reality in Poptropica! Yep, you heard that right. Your costume idea could be the next design created in-game and shared among millions across the Pop community🤩


How do you enter?


First things first, brainstorm ideas for your costume. Costumes should be original, reproducible and age appropriate. There is a 3 entry maximum per month.


Once you have your outfit ideas, the next step is to draw them out! You can do this on paper or go the digital route to show off your designs.  Don’t worry about comparing yourself to the rest of the community. Differences in art skill will not affect your likelihood of being chosen. Go all out with it! The Team loves seeing your imagination and creativity!


Once you’ve finished drawing your outfit designs, the final step is to share them with us! The easiest way is to enter through the submissions page. Submit your designs one at a time and be sure to include your Poptropican’s name and your login username with each entry.


To start brainstorming your outfit designs, here are a few tips!


Keep in mind, you have free reign over your design! You can opt for island inspired clothing or go in a completely different direction. Are you in love with wacky, mysterious, otherworldly, fantasy, simple, or just downright weird costumes? Are you hoping to see the latest fashion trends?


Perhaps you’d like to share your favorite IRL outfit with players? Are you excited by the thought of sharing your costume designs and art on a larger scale? Do you have an eye for streetwear, goth gear, or are you in love with cottage-core clothes? Maybe you have a quirky sense of style that you think others haven’t seen before?


Don’t worry if you prefer to march to the beat of your own drum. Creativity and originality are always appreciated!


Keep these tips in mind as you’re designing your outfit:


  • Your costume submission should be original!
  • Get creative! Look for inspiration in your favorite looks that you can put your own spin on! From TV/film, your personal wishlist outfits, career uniforms, and celebrity sightings, you can design just about anything.
  • Costumes may also include accessories and special powers.
  • While designing your entry, be sure it can be reproduced as a Poptropica costume. Avoid including tiny details would be hard to recreate and using previous store costumes.

Don't be discouraged if your design hasn’t been chosen in the past! We’re blown away by the incredible amount of creativity and unique costume designs each month. We wish they could all be winners! We always welcome players to resubmit past design submissions or come up with new costume ideas for each month's contest! 🎨


Good luck, Poptropicans! Don’t hesitate to leave any questions or comments about the contest below. We can’t wait to see what you put down the runway! 💃🕺

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

The Baron's Returned to Home Island (With Freebies & Extra Gear)!

The Baron has arrived!


The Baron is back and better than ever! Stop by the Airship and the Cabin of Curiosities pop-up shop onboard to snag the pop-up shop’s brand new and exclusive bounties! This month’s theme is… JADE SCARAB! To celebrate the 3rd Dream Island release, ALL PLAYERS can add Egyptian themed clubhouse gear and costumes to your inventories! 🪲


Jade Scarab Gear in the Baron's Cabin of Curiosities


Create an exhibit worthy clubhouse! Decorate your rooms with a funky Camel (300 credits), Jade Scarab Artifact (150 credits), Dung Bottle Artifact (10 credits), Jade Scarab Flag (50 credits), Pedestal (50 credits), and Museum Display Case (200 credits). If you’re feline Jade Scarab’s cat craze, add the Green and Grey Bastet Idols (150 credits each) and Cat Statue (100 credits) to your cottage for a purrfect space! Outfit your Popsona in the eye catching Bastet Costume (100 credits), complete with jewelry, golden robes, and cat mask! 🐈‍⬛


The entire Jade Scarab collection is available for a whopping 1,260 credits! If you’re in need of extra credits, play the Clear the Skies mini game on the Airship. Each successful round rewards 50 credits and is infinitely replayable!


Clear the Skies mini game


On the other end of the shop is this month’s FREE costume! Before the reveal, drum roll please…


April's Contest Winner and FREE Costume: Vamp Rock

April’s costume contest winner is VAMP ROCK! Congratulations to Sleepy Owl for their creative mashup of vampy goth and rockstar drummer fashion! Don’t forget to add the Vamp Rock matching boots (also for free!) right next to the outfit display. Let’s give Sleepy Owl a round of applause for such an awesome idea! 🧛‍♀️🎸



Take a look at the entire roundup of last month’s contest submissions -- well done, Poptropicans! The Team has a wonderful time seeing your creative designs, it’s always difficult to choose just one. Don’t be discouraged if you did not win, we encourage resubmitting your favorite designs in future contests! 🤩