Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Guest Blog: The Field Trip Files with Invisible Ring! ?

For my 20th Poptropica Guest Post, (Yes, 20th post), I have uncovered many secret files, including this one. …Look familiar? While I once addressed these guys as the Ancient Leaders of Poptropica, this crew is better known as the Original Poptropica Creator’s Team.


Poptropica characters confidential file


Veteran players everywhere reminisce about the work ethic, experience, and punctuality of this team, talking about the old days of how these ancient masters would run the island world like a well-oiled machine. Some leaders kept watch on the island world, its news, and its technological conditions, while other leaders were field agents! These agents ventured within Poptropica on their constant reconnaissance missions and returned with many exciting reports, and it all happened long, long ago.


These said reports start with the mighty Vlad the Viking; best known for his 15-part Snapshot Saga. While he traveled the first 15 islands of Poptropica, the agents Comic Kid and Binary Bard made some field trips of their own. Together, these agents made many exciting discoveries and reports, which brings us to today’s wonderful surprise; The Field Trip Files!*


*Please note- Comic Kid and Binary Bard made other trips both before and after the Snapshot Saga, but there wasn’t enough room in the files for those reports (But I think the most exciting reports are the ones that ARE in the files anyway).


Vlad the Viking

Vlad the Viking- Photographer

Known For- His 15 Snapshot Saga Adventures


Snapshot Saga: Shy Speck

Snapshot Saga: Giant Brain

Snapshot Saga: Sleepy Whale

Snapshot Saga: Lucky Socks

Snapshot Saga: Hyper Snowball

Snapshot Saga: Maroon Moon

Snapshot Saga: Short Penguin

Snapshot Saga: Cool Tiger

Snapshot Saga: Shifty Scorpion

Snapshot Saga: Tiny Crown

Snapshot Saga: Mad Glove

Snapshot Saga: Incredible Thunder

Snapshot Saga: Speedy Club

Snapshot Saga: Striped Hero

Snapshot Saga: Young Bug


Ned Noodlehead

Comic Kid, AKA Ned Noodlehead- Cartoonist, Investigator

Known For- His retro Super Hot Dog Boy comics and Super Power Island heroism


Getting Around

Checking In

Time For A Drink

Clowning Around

Far, Far, Far Away

Stranger and Stranger

Like A Moth

Look At the Fishes!

Holy Cow!

What A Mess!

TV Time

Lost In the Wreckage

Hot Under the Collar

A New Little Friend

What Lurks Beneath

Soaring High


Binary Bard

Binary Bard- Spy, Hacker, Mad Scientist, Villian Showdown Champion

Known for- Astro-knights, rocket ships, and space sharks


Custom Rockets

Danger Danger!

Must Fly Faster!

Now Leaving Poptropica

Diving Into Astro-Knights

Mechanical Faces

A Day In the Life of the Bard

Sweet RIde


Invisible Ring

Invisible Ring- Guest Blogger, possible infiltrator, aspiring Ultimate Poptropican

Known For- Ambitious guest-blogging performance and all-around Poptropican fandom


Taking A Well-Earned Hiatus

Invisible Ring Returns In A Blimpy Trance

Invisible Ring's Steam Deduction

Invisible Ring's Meme Message

Invisible Ring's Summertime Guide

September News and More

Invisible Ring's Hare-Brained Reference

Poptropica Theater

Dream Island Comparisons (part 2)


- Waitaminit, who put MY file in there with the retro agents? …Ok, you got me. That was me! I couldn’t resist! Not only does this file pack in all my other guest posts, but among them contain even MORE secret files I dug up from before. (Perhaps I should add “Archaeologist” to my description, too)!


But, I digress. What can we learn from all these records? …I dunno about you, but what I learned was that there were other bloggers from long ago who were just as intent on making fun and exciting posts as ME! …Ah, those were the days. But while some may lament over the fact that those days are long gone, I hope that some of us will get a sense of hope with these files, knowing those days were able to happen and they did. Sensational moments were possible for them, and they’re possible for us, too.


Hope you enjoy the files, everyone!


…Until next time

KateFebruary 27, 2023 am28 4:59 am

Poptropica needs to bring back the OG islands with those characters

Noisy wolf A.K.A Quiet CloudFebruary 27, 2023 pm28 9:07 pm

Hey Invisible Ring!!!!! I started creating a story and want you to see it tell me what you think!!!! Question: Do you use screencast o matic all the time, the reason I know this is because I watch your youtube channel. Don't worry I subscribed!? See you next time! and how do you edit your videos?????

Noisy Wolf A.K.A Quiet Cloud

Jay BrianFebruary 28, 2023 am28 2:36 am

I remember each of them! Seriously, all of them are the reason why I love to read through the Poptropica Blog to begin with!

Lucky StarMarch 8, 2023 pm31 12:15 pm

Hey!I'm Lucky Star, and I LOOOOVE your posts. So here is some fan art you can have. I tried my best to draw you, and it is one of my better ones.

/Documents/Invisible Ring Poptropica.png

I can't wait for your next post!!!!

Your fan,

Lucky Star

Shifty PawMarch 9, 2023 am31 12:55 am

Thankyou Invisible Ring!
I must admit I haven’t been on in a while and it’s good to see that original poptropica isnt forgotten.
I look forward to more Invisible Ring!