Monday, January 30, 2023

Guest Blog: Dream Island Comparisons (Part 2) by Invisible Ring!

Hello once again from the top guest blogger, Invisible Ring! Today’s guest post of mine is very special, for it is my second dream island comparison!


(Comparison 2? What happened to comparison 1? Good question! THAT post happened a long time ago. If you need to, you can view it right HERE! It might come in handy for today’s post.)


My first dream island comparison compared the dream islands of Fairytale and Arabian Nights. ...THIS post dives into the OTHER 2 dream islands; Goofball and Jade Scarab. But be warned! This post may contain spoilers, so continue at your own risk.


Invisible Ring reading a book


Goofball Island, by popular consensus, is better than Fairytale island by far. It's a no mini-quest mashup. It's a real quest with real twists. Simple as it may be, it is exciting all the same.


In Goofball island, the villain turns out to be THREE villains. ...Even goofier than that, the 3 villains turn out to be the 3 heroes trying to FIND the villain! 


Invisible Ring standing at the intersection of Goofball Island's dull and bland sides. To the left, the Poptropica blimp has crash landed on City Hall's roof.


...The way I see it, an accident happens on the island, and the 3 heroes of the island all mutate into the Blandstons. They lose their mind and start blasting dullness... goofiness... Or a mixture of both... All over the island. But this Blandston curse works in strange ways. The heroes all wind up with amnesia. They wonder what is going on, and they join forces to find the culprits.


...But as they look into the mystery, 2 of these detectives have relapses and go Blandston-crazy again! Chaos ensues as hero no. 3 goes even deeper into the mystery and stops the 2 Blandstons, and finally, the 3rd hero has a memory relapse and realize they’re a Blandston as well. Once all 3 heroes come to their senses and find out they were ALL Blandstons, they finish the mystery and fix the island once and for all! (And the Blandston curses are finally broken)


…At least, this is how I perceive this quest.


Invisible Ring inside City Hall, standing between Detective Gram and Mayor Naise. City Hall is divided into 2 sides: goofy and bland.


“That’s them right there, officer! A blimp accident made a mess and mutated THOSE 3 into Blandstons! In their states of madness they ruined our island, but once they recovered, they teamed up and SAVED it! …No, DON’T take ‘em into custody, I’m just trying to tell you that everything’s ok now and you don’t have to stick around this crazy island anymore!”


Invisible Ring standing next to an open book in City Hall's bland area.


There are possible alternative endings to this island, I might add, and it all comes down to the machine dial at the end. Dull, goofy, or balanced... I have not explored any ending other than the balanced selection.


(If YOU have, though, you're more than welcome to leave a comment and share these alternate endings!)


Last but not least, Jade Scarab island. Like Goofball, it's an easy quest, yet adventurous and twisting. The consensus for THIS island, though, is that it's the best dream island since Arabian Nights, and the first real Poptropica quest since Pelican Rock or Monkey Wrench. Also, Goofball has a bonus mini quest after the medallion. Jade Scarab does not. 


The plot for THIS island can be found in this playthrough video made by me and my sister. And I reckon that THIS video is a LOT more enjoyable than my fairytale video!


And now to wrap this all up with 2 questions: Which of these 2 dream islands do you like better, and which of all 4 dream islands is your favorite? 


While you ponder these questions and add your comments, the time has come for me to say adios to you all once again... But not for long! Pop to ya later, peoples.

Neat PeanutJanuary 30, 2023 pm31 4:24 pm

Hey, Poptropica, umm... think you could maybe uhh, I dunno... MAKE ONE OF THE MEMBERS-ONLY ISLANDS AVAILABLE TO ALL??? This is ridiculous! It's been ONE YEAR since you guys made Mission Atlantis 1 available to this new version!

anonymousFebruary 3, 2023 am28 10:48 am

Want to know something that's bothering me? I logged on not too long ago only to see that new

players could get outfits by creating an account that original players have to buy in the store.

This in itself isn't bothering me, but if you creators were going to make this the case, then what

was the point of removing the customizer?? This has the exact same problem! You guys have

like no brain cells!

olivebeeFebruary 12, 2023 pm28 10:51 pm

I completely agree, but I politely ask you to make these comments on other posts, not guest posts, because it's disrespectful to the author of the guest post :)

Magic KidJanuary 31, 2023 am31 9:00 am

High Five Invisible Ring!
On which island I like better, I think I'll go with Goofball for the mystery and the art (I loved the bland/goofy). But also Jade Scarab is really cool. They both are awesome!
(also, I've done goofball like seven times and have explored each one, bland, balanced, or goofy, and I think that balanced is the right one to pick.)
Over And Out!

Invisible RingJanuary 31, 2023 pm31 2:42 pm

Thanks, for sharing, Magic Kid!
I always suspected that "Balanced" was the best ending as well, but the results of your experiment still fascinate me. Glad you liked this post!

Bronze BeeJanuary 31, 2023 pm31 5:40 pm

There should be an option to change the color of our items bought for our clubhouse. For example, I could change the color of my bed to black or yellow, or in other words, similar to how we can change our hair colors. Just throwing some ideas out there! :)

olivebeeFebruary 12, 2023 pm28 10:53 pm

Yesss I love that idea! ^^ Poptropica should really consider that! </3

Bronze SeagullFebruary 2, 2023 am28 12:25 am

While goofball island is longer and generally better, Fairytale island has gifted us with tons of new lore with the Baron and Amelia. Plus, it was the first island we've had in years, if i remember correctly. I'll always like it for that :)

olivebeeFebruary 12, 2023 pm28 10:53 pm

I completely agree! I love the lore :D

Oliver February 2, 2023 pm28 1:08 pm

My favorite of the 3 dream islands is Jade Scarab, but Goofball island was also a lot of fun. I had reset it to get each of the 3 endings.

Chilly ShadowFebruary 2, 2023 pm28 8:58 pm

Help I chose the goofy ending and the detective's clowny outfit is forever burned into my brain
I need to bleach my eyes

Magic KidFebruary 18, 2023 am28 10:30 am

In that case, I suggest that you redo the island completely. (bland results in Bozo being that English gentlemen for the rest of his life, which is very painful to witness, and then balanced results in a mix, both of those do not have the freaky Dr. Anna clown detective colorful nightmare.)
Over and out.

Shifty GamerFebruary 4, 2023 am28 7:57 am

I agree with neat peanut every day I go into the map to see if anythings changed and surprise! same old same old also I started Arabian nights 1 like 3 years ago and I have been waiting ever since make some changes Poptropica! this is just proof that Poptropica favors members more than non members now who is with me on this one!

Bronze StarFebruary 5, 2023 pm28 1:49 pm

Can you bring back the island contest where people can create island ideas for Poptropica? I have some ideas. Poptropica used to have contests for islands.

fudgey brownieFebruary 5, 2023 pm28 3:48 pm

dude, when do we know who won the costume contest. it's been 33 DAYS just hurry up and tell us who won!!!!!! >:(

Dizzy FeatherFebruary 7, 2023 pm28 9:07 pm

It’ll be announced sometime this month. They always wait till the following month, to announce the winner(s).

Silver Fox AKA Silver WolfFebruary 9, 2023 pm28 6:44 pm

Woah, you counted?!?!?! But...ahem.....yeah I got to agree on fudgey brownie on this one. This is like, the first time the Baron (And the costume winners) didn't come!!!

fudgey brownieFebruary 18, 2023 am28 7:34 am

thanks, dizzy feather! but i gotta admit, the suspense is driving me CRAZY!!!

Noisy wolf A.K.A Quiet CloudFebruary 6, 2023 pm28 5:45 pm

Hey Invisible Ring, you are awesome and your work is fabulous you want to do a blog together??? And want to be friends?? My username is: Ready2Rock573

Invisible RingFebruary 8, 2023 pm28 6:57 pm

Goodness gracious, what an honor! Doing a blog together sounds exciting, and your compliment is greatly appreciated! For the time being, all my Poptropica business is invested in the pirate movie I am making; and when and if we do blog together, I have a whole lotta questions, such as how exactly would we get together and blog, and whether the blogging is about Poptropica or something else.
Also, I am greatly hesitant on this blogging get-together after what happened the last time I tried it.

...So, long story short, I'll be thinking about it. And in the meantime, there's still a lot of work to do in the guest blogging business and the pirate movie studio!

Thanks again, and thank you all for your dream island feedback!

Noisy wolf A.K.A Quiet CloudFebruary 9, 2023 pm28 7:51 pm

Hey, Invisible Ring!? I'm so glad you had the courage to reply to me!!! ? It's like meeting a real-life celebrity!!!!! I love all your work and I'm so excited to see the Pirate Movie you're making!!! Totally worth it! I have been seeing everything you put on this blog. How do you make a page for the blog on here anyway?????? Anywho..... I'm dealing with friend problems and crush problems, and my crush got suspended for saying something he shouldn't have. There's this girl at my school who keeps bothering me when I try to talk to my best friend. Do you have any suggestions as to what I would do? I want to make a youtube channel and I got a phone. FINALLY?‍??‍? I hope you answer all of my questions and have a blessed day
Noisy wolf A.K.A Quiet Cloud

Invisible RingFebruary 13, 2023 pm28 5:50 pm

Oh, dear. Friend problems are always hard. I actually HAVE some to express in my pirate movie; I'm still trying to figure those out. (And I aim to express in a beneficial way, for sure!) I've actually never heard of getting suspended for something someone said. (except in a sitcom, but I'm not counting that). I'm surprised, because I've heard way too much cursing in the school hallways and no one says a thing anymore.
I don't know what to say about that, but lately, I've been thinking a lot about small problem solutions I learned way back in second grade. If someone's bugging you, there's a lot of small things you can try, such as to walk away, kindly ask them to stop, or to try and talk it out with them and come to an understanding. I hope these solutions are helpful, but if they aren't and your friend is still bugging you, that's the time to grab a grown-up for help!

Now, about the Poptropica guest posts. What happens is that guest bloggers create the guest posts and email them to Poptropica (which is only possible if Poptropica reaches out to them and tells them that they qualify for the position! ...There were guest blogger tryouts a while back for that). If the post is good, Poptropica puts the post here on the blog! This is what I do every month. There have been other guest bloggers as well, but as far as I know, I'm the only one who's really stuck to it the whole time.

Hope that answers all your questions. It's been a real pleasure getting to talk to you, because let's face it: Good friends are hard to come by! Really feels great being able to give others something to write home about. A huge relief from all those times I've been called a hater. Seriously, thanks a lot!
-Oh, and good luck with your Youtube channel, too! Hope you have fun with it!

Invisible Ring :)

PS. I entered your username and sent you a friend request on Poptropica. Just to let you know!

olivebeeFebruary 12, 2023 pm28 10:52 pm

I have explored alternate endings! They are all so much fun, and I suggest you should replay! Although I like balanced the best, dull is not bad either! Goofy is good too, but I like dull better :) just imho! Lmk if anyone has other thoughts!

Bronze BeeFebruary 13, 2023 pm28 5:46 pm

I love the mini quest. Have you tried that out yet?

olivebeeFebruary 17, 2023 pm28 11:22 pm

YES OMG i love it!

olivebeeFebruary 12, 2023 pm28 10:54 pm

My favorite was Goofball Island, because the ending was in yours hands- we, the players, got to decide! I love the interactive ending :)

white iceFebruary 14, 2023 am28 8:24 am

hello! invisible ring is my new fav writer! and I would have to say out of all 4 islands my favorite would be fairy tale! loved the ending! have a blessed day and Jesus loves you!

PS: if you need a walkthrough try Thinknoodle. always family friendly and helpful! #Pop tip!