Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Something’s Terribly, Terribly Wrong on the Airship

Well, Poptropicans, there’s good news and bad news. How ‘bout we start with the good news? 


August's Airship Arrival


As usual, the Airship’s made its monthly return to Home Island! The ship seems to be in working order, the Cabin of Curiosities is fully stocked, and a new free costume is available to all players. But more on that later! 


As for the bad news… you’re going to want to sit down for this. ?


August's Airship Flight Deck


The Baron is NOWHERE to be found. The sky pirate’s missing in action, vanished without a trace. Never before has the Airship been seen without its trusty captain at the helm. Even Ack, first mate and the Baron’s best friend, was left behind! Maybe you can make sense of what he’s saying.


August's Cabin of Curioisites


Whatever’s going on, this is an all-hands on deck situation. Climb aboard and take a look around, mates!


What do you think happened to the Baron? When will things return to normal? Share your theories with everyone in the comments section! ?

Wild FireAugust 10, 2022 pm31 7:04 pm

I think either the Baron is on a adventure heist or maybe... Rumpel must be at it again.

Happy LizardAugust 10, 2022 pm31 7:45 pm

I think she got banned for having a new animation.

Bashful GloveAugust 12, 2022 am31 8:01 am


Please. It feels baby-ish.

anonAugust 12, 2022 pm31 9:00 pm

Poptropica? The children's game? Babyish??

No, never.

Tough BikerAugust 10, 2022 pm31 9:13 pm

I think Rumpelstiltskin might possibly have something to do with it. Since last time the airship was here, the Baron seemed out of it and was selling Rumpelstiltskin merch.

beeAugust 11, 2022 am31 1:09 am

rumple took them!!!

natalie grace watrousAugust 11, 2022 pm31 12:16 pm

I aggree!it has to have somthing with him!ack is holding a drawing of him and one of the baron!

Magic PoptropicanAugust 11, 2022 pm31 12:36 pm

Ack must have witnessed something, because he had pictures of Rumpel and the Baron.

Golden HorseAugust 11, 2022 pm31 1:48 pm

what if the Baron last month was actually Rumpel impersonating her . . .

Lucky StarAugust 11, 2022 pm31 2:21 pm

I think that Ack is trying to lead us adventurers into a trap, and made a skceme with Rumplestiltskin! I know it's a weird belief, but everyone's gotta think big on this one! I think rumple is trying to get revenge, and Ack was tired of just being a first mate, and wanted to be captain, and rumple wants to rule the world or something, so they teamed and made a plan. I mean, Poptropica has been mentioning Rumple and the Baron a lot lately, so I think they planned this. Poptropica, give me a thumbs up emoji if I'm close. I am very positive about this. YOU GOTTA BE CREATIVE AND THINK BIG!!

Dream big, peace out, violence is the wrong answer.

Lucky Star

MyheadisAfountainOfStoriesAugust 11, 2022 pm31 6:36 pm

I was here before you people put your comments, i was waiting for some sort of conversation about the baron being taken by Rumpelstiltskin. that was my first guess and I'm glad some people other than me seemed to make that connection. o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o

Friendly RockAugust 11, 2022 pm31 7:57 pm

My theory is the baron, also I think they are going to make a side quest about this or a fairy tale 2

natalie grace watrousAugust 24, 2022 pm31 10:58 pm

I had a dream one time that they were going to do that!

Friendly RockAugust 11, 2022 pm31 7:59 pm

Also i don't know if this one or my first message is going to be posted first but what if rumpel imprisoned the baron in the painting for sale?

Chilly ShadowAugust 11, 2022 pm31 8:43 pm

Don't worry, Ack... we'll get the Baron back for you :o

Smart Little CookieAugust 12, 2022 am31 8:19 am

I think Rumpelstiltskin kidnapped the Baron and then Rumpelstiltskin is going to use him to do something with the Queen. Or maybe something to do with finding treasure because Rumpelstiltskin likes treasure.

MyheadisAfountainOfStoriesAugust 14, 2022 pm31 9:56 pm

The baron is a girl, not a boy. (°ー°〃)

Magic FoxAugust 18, 2022 am31 12:18 am

Actually, the Baron is non Binary, with the pronouns of they/them!! :)

MyheadisAfountainOfStoriesSeptember 5, 2022 pm30 9:33 pm

oh, thanks Magic Fox. I didn't know that, I always assumed they were a girl because they used to be called the red "baroness".

MillyAugust 12, 2022 am31 10:37 am

One of my friends said that she’s just having at sleepover with Rumple and forgot to get a babysitter for Ack

ThorAugust 16, 2022 pm31 7:50 pm

I think that the baron is the prince on fairytale islands mom am I right!

Hyper BeanAugust 20, 2022 am31 11:20 am

I think the Baron and Rumplestiltskin teamed up to get revenge on Amelia. If you look at Amelia’s house it has a picture of the Baron being mad at Amelia. And in the baron’s airship, there is a picture of Amelia and the Baron together. The glass is smashed where Amelia’s face is.

Chilly PandaAugust 22, 2022 pm31 2:47 pm

If you read the Monkey Wrench Island guide, you can get the full story behind that picture, I think it might help with some of these theories.

Chilly PandaAugust 22, 2022 pm31 2:56 pm

Poptropica... if this turns out to be a side quest (which it probably will)... PLEASE DON'T MAKE IT MEMBERS ONLY!!! I'm begging you, pleeeease... Oh! And also. Check out Amelia's room... there seems to be quite a bit of stuff in there involving the Baron...

I rest my case.

A PlayerAugust 22, 2022 am31 9:53 am

Could the Baron possibly be the Queen from Fairytale Island?

White SpiderSeptember 8, 2022 am30 9:26 am

That’s what I’m thinking! Bc in the side quest, the king says his mom is coming home, and then the baron is missing? The only thing is, the baron is non binary. Or so I’ve heard.