Friday, June 10, 2022

PoptropiCon Ep. 2: Spoiler Alert Is Soon to Be Available For ALL PLAYERS!

Gear up, Poptropicans! There’s fantastic news to share today, hot off the presses! ?


PoptropiCon logo


Starting next week, PoptropiCon’s previously members-only installment, Episode 2: Spoiler Alert, will be opening up to all players! Everyone is officially invited into Poptropica’s hottest event on desktop and mobile – no ticket needed. Not that it ever stopped us before…  ?


PoptropiCon 2: Spoiler Alert


Now that we’re all finally past security (one way or another), let's continue the story where Ep. 1: Line Starts Here left off. Inside, the convention is in full swing!


The event’s jam-packed with superfans and cosplayers, all trying to get in on the festivities. PoptropiCon is the perfect place to enter costume contests, compete in card game tournaments, and mingle with industry bigwigs. But perhaps event’s most anticipated highlight? The chance to get the inside scoop on the latest fandom happenings! ?


Word of advice to all convention goers – expect the unexpected. You’re not the only one looking for insider information. There’s no telling what can happen when the world’s biggest celebrities and superheroes are involved. 



Who’s hyped to set foot inside PoptropiCon? Mark your calendars – Episode 2: Spoiler Alert will be available to all players beginning next Wednesday, June 15th! ?


This episode was among the most requested conversions to be shared with the entire community. Could there be more episodes on the horizon? Only time will tell! In the meantime, share your excitement with your fellow Poptropicans in the comments section below.??

fatJune 10, 2022 pm30 2:40 pm


Happy LizardJune 10, 2022 pm30 4:28 pm

Hooray, thank you Poptropica.

Little BirdJune 10, 2022 pm30 6:38 pm

thank youuuuuuuuuuu! now i have something to do with one of the hours of my summer!
I like Poptropic 2 especially because the card game is super fun

Golden HorseJune 10, 2022 pm30 7:20 pm

Yes! Tysm, Poptropica!!!

shifty PawJune 11, 2022 am30 12:17 am

Good job guys. What's next? A new island? more un-member islands? whatever it is, I can't wait!
Good job and thankyou

ImissSOSislandJune 11, 2022 pm30 3:52 pm

Omg finally!! Thank you poptropica team!!!

Purple AxeJune 11, 2022 pm30 7:35 pm

thank you so much poptropica!!!! i’ve been waiting for this for AGES…nice to know y’all listen to your fans :)

Incredible FlameJune 13, 2022 pm30 8:01 pm

Thanks! (although it has been a while) Can we have Mission Atlantis 1 for all players, please? That was Member-only for sooo long. Anyway, thank you, keep up the good work. ???

anonymousJune 15, 2022 am30 8:19 am

Pshhhh. What good work?

nadaleeJune 29, 2022 pm30 8:50 pm

can't wait for any new islands!!!

Nataliya SwierczynskiJuly 1, 2022 pm31 6:19 pm

Please can you make more islands and clothing for non-members, that would be great!!!