Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Kicking Off June's Round of Costume Contests! 🎨

The entire Pop community is invited to participate in June’s contest! Our monthly costume contests are an opportunity for you to turn your designs into a realityvisibly contribute to the game itself, and most importantly, share your ideas to millions across the community


Monthly Costume Contest


June’s contest begins today, June 7th, and ends in 2 weeks! Please submit your outfit designs by June 21st at 8pm PST (11pm EST / 10pm CST / 9pm MST / for all other time zones, please use a time zone converter). 


Once you’ve finished your designs, you can share them with us a few different ways. The simplest way to enter your designs into the contest is by using the submissions page! Be sure to include your Poptropican’s name and your login username with your design. Please be aware that there is a three entry maximum per person each month.  


If you’re on social media, you can also share your costume design on Instagram for others to see your idea! Remember to tag us (@poptropicacreators) and use the hashtag #MyPoptropicaCostume – we’ll repost your costume design to our story to share your work! If you post your designs on Instagram, please send us a link to your post through the submissions page! 



To get started on your outfit idea, here’s a few tips! 


First and foremost, you have free reign over your design! You can opt for island inspired clothing or go in a completely different direction. Are you in love with wacky, mysterious, otherworldly, fantasy, simple, or just downright weird costumes? Are you hoping to see the latest fashion trends? 


Perhaps you’d like to share your favorite IRL outfit with players? Are you excited by the thought of sharing your costume designs and art on a larger scale? Do you have an eye for streetwear, goth gear, or are you in love with cottage-core clothes? Maybe you have a quirky sense of style that you think others haven’t seen before? Don’t worry if you prefer to march to the beat of your own drum. Creativity and originality are always appreciated! 


Keep these tips in mind as you’re designing your outfit:


  • Your costume submission should be original!
  • Get creative! Look for inspiration in your favorite looks that you can put your own spin on! From TV/film, your personal wishlist outfits, career uniforms, and celebrity sightings, you can design just about anything!
  • Costumes may also include accessories and special powers.
  • While designing your entry, be sure it can be reproduced as a Poptropica Costume. Avoid including tiny details would be hard to recreate and using previous store costumes. Where’s the fun in that?


Don't be discouraged if your design hasn’t been chosen in the past! We’re blown away by the incredible amount of creative and unique costume designs each month. We wish they could all be winners! You’re also more than welcome to resubmit past design submissions or come up with new costume ideas for each month's contest!


Best of luck, everyone! Don’t hesitate to leave any questions or comments about the contest below. We’re eager to see what you put down the runway! 💃🕺

wings of fireJune 8, 2022 pm30 3:25 pm

i love dragons so i might make a dragon costume

Poptropica PlayerJune 10, 2022 am30 8:04 am

I have a question about the Steam package. The 6-month membership costs 20 U.S. dollars, which is the same cost as the Steam package. Could this mean that if a player is a 6-month member, they get the Steam package for free?? Please think about it!

Hungry DragonJune 10, 2022 pm30 8:49 pm

I wanna make one!

Little BirdJune 12, 2022 am30 11:43 am

Can I post my costume design here? The file size of the picture is too large to submit through the submissions page, and I don't have any social media.

Little BirdJune 14, 2022 pm30 12:25 pm

I don't know if my comment from a couple days ago was ever approved, but just to ask my question again, am I allowed to post a picture of my design along with my username as a comment to this blog post, because the picture I have of my drawing won't fit into the submissions page.

June 14, 2022 pm30 1:59 pm

Hey there, LB! Please try entering your design through the submissions page once more, it should be working now! If you encounter the same issue, you can email your designs to popcreators@gmail.com. Thanks! :-)