Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Guest Blog: Superhero Team Introductions by Dizzy Feather ?‍♀️?

Hello Everyone,


I'm your newest guest blogger Dizzy Feather, I'm a loyal Pathfinder, Poptropica super fan, fanfiction writer, and a Non-member. I would like to get all the Membership perks, but like so many others I can't bring myself to pay for a game, but I'm thankful Poptropica isn't like so many other games where Non-members can only do one or two things for free, and hey the let Non-members be guest bloggers!  I'm going to stop ranting on and on, I'll spend the whole post ranting if I don't stop now. Let's get started!


In this post I'll introduce you to my superhero team, The Poptropican Heros,I plan to use in future fan-fictions.  I'll list them in order from highest to lowest rank. Please note the way some of  the characters got their powers are completely fictional and not possible in real life, if you would try to do the same thing they did you would get badly hurt, so please do not try any of these.


The leader of the group:


Dizzy Feather - Group leader


Purple Galaxy. Her name, Hyper Clown, doesn't suit, she is serious and has no tolerance for her group to act silly or hyper. Purple Galaxy  is 19 years old, two year earlier she was helping her Father repair his car, When her Father left the garage, Hyper's hand got caught  in between the car's battery and the engine, Strangely enough the car started and Hyper absorbed the car's energy, gifting her with superspeed. She decided to put her newly found powers to good use.


The founder of the group:


Dizzy Feather - Group Founder


Mr.Carrot:Worked alongside Dr. Hare as a lab partner in NISS before the disaster that happened with Dr. Hare's rabbit experiment. After the disaster He decided to create a group of superheroes to protect Poptropica. He is the inventor for the group and one of the smartest members. Although he is rarely seen in the battlefield he is the backbone for the group.


Leader of the knight squadron:


Dizzy Feather - Leader of the Knight Squadron


The dark Razor knight: The  man behind the mask is unknown. All that is known is he is the older brother to the Purple Razor knight. His sword was given to him by a mysterious old man who told him to fight for the good, protect the people, and respect the sword. His sword can cut through anything but cannot seriously injure a living being, it also has the ability to make the user completely invisible, it can only be repaired by the Purple Razor Knight's sword. The sword's powers are only active when The Dark Razor knight is using it.


Backup leader of the Knight Squadron:


Dizzy Feather - Backup Leader of the Knight Squadron


The Purple Razor Knight: Much like her brother little is known about her. Her sword was given to her by  an old lady who told her to be careful what the sword is used for. The sword is only visible when The Purple Razor knight is touching it. Although she does claim she can see it when she is not touching it. The sword can shoot its blade and regrow one in a second. It can not seriously injure a living being.


The Knight Squadron Spy:


Dizzy Feather - Knight Squadron Spy



Dizzy Feather - Pink Knight alter ego

(Pink Knight, alter ego)


The Pink Knight. Dizzy Feather is the most trusted Superhero of the group. She found her sword under her aunt's bed at the age of 9. Her aunt decided to trust the sword to her, but warned her to only use it for good. She is now 13 years old. Her sword has a pink electrical charge, a pink laser, a light swing that cuts whatever the light comes in contact with, in the way that the sword was swung, and the sword can melt metal when it glows. The sword is the most powerful one, and cannot even cut a twig unless the pink Knight is the one using the sword.


Knight squadron monteir:


Dizzy Feather - Knight Squadron Monteir


Kightly Knight: An incredibly strict but noble knight. This knight's identity is unknown and only appears to put a knight squadron member back in line or to help in a dire situation. His sword has the power to temporarily remove the power from a knight squadron's armor or sword. 


Knight squadron member: 


Dizzy Feather - Knight Squadron Member


Love Knight: During her wedding ceremony, Small Bird received her uniform as a wedding gift. Thuse called herself the Love knight. She is the oldest member of the group at the age of 22. Her uniform had no sword so she bought her own, it often breaks in battle, Her armor is able to generate a strong pulse that  slows down her opponents moves.


Knight Squadron Member:


Dizzy Feather - Knight Squadron Member


Plant Knight: Jumpy Bean is the newest member he is 15 years old. He found his entire uniform inside of a hollow tree in the middle of the forest. His armor has the ability to  create a  green force field around him. 


Backup member:


Dizzy Feather - Backup Member


Lighting Hero.Recently, 17 year old Friendly Sky was walking home from a costume party when a lighting storm hit. She ran for her house, she was struck by lighting, which super charged her outfit, and her. She is able to fire electricity wherever she wants. 


Future recruit:


Dizzy Feather - Future Recruit


Jetpack. Red glove is 20 years old. He has recently created a technological suit complete with  jetpack, laser gun, and oxygen tank and vowed to use it correctly and justly.

Any favorites? Ideas? Thoughts? Share them in the comments below.


- Dizzy Feather ?‍??

Little BirdJune 14, 2022 pm30 4:47 pm

This is really cool! I like all the different powers and origin stories!

Dizzy FeatherJune 14, 2022 pm30 7:51 pm

Wow! I can’t believe what I’m seeing this is amazing. Thank you so much Poptropica for putting my post on here.

ImissSOSismlandJune 15, 2022 am30 1:47 am

You should add a captain America’s style character

The name could be like the salvager or something

Maroon sealJune 15, 2022 pm30 12:36 pm

Yea slay this is slay