Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Island Clue #12: A Mega Bot-Ched Op

Once again, the fate of an island rests in your hands. “Devise a plan to reverse a mega bot-ched op. Virtually everything is on the line!”

Steam Island Clue #12


If you think multiple islands could be the answer, you're right! The clue can actually be applied to a 2 other islands. Can you name the most likely candidate AND the other possible adventures? 

Poptropica PlayerApril 20, 2022 pm30 10:08 pm


Little BirdApril 20, 2022 pm30 11:51 pm

Poptropicon 2 and 3?
what's an 'op?'

April 21, 2022 pm30 3:26 pm


Little BirdApril 21, 2022 pm30 6:52 pm

ohhhhhh ok thank you!

AnonymousApril 22, 2022 pm30 10:27 pm


Curious RiderApril 21, 2022 am30 2:52 am

Mocktropica/Game Show Island??

Sleepy StarfishApril 21, 2022 am30 8:41 am

It's Mocktropica!

Silver Ghost April 21, 2022 am30 9:48 am

Will these islands ever be ported to pop original and is the steam bundle for only sui islands

boopApril 21, 2022 am30 10:34 am

Game Show?

Friendly RockApril 21, 2022 pm30 9:52 pm

MOCK to the tropica I love this island

Shifty pawApril 22, 2022 am30 1:55 am

Legendary swords!

Maroon Fox April 22, 2022 am30 8:26 am

That really sounds like time travel to me but the problem is it’s already in-game. I’m really confused


pop team,
When will you make Mission Atlantis, Arabian Nights 2, and Poptropicon 2 going to be non-member?

I mean this in the nicest possible way, but I am seriously considering quitting because there is nothing to do and the steam bundle costs money. I mean seriously. You bring back 13 OG islands, get everybody hyped, and then you tell everyone it costs money. What the heck! I’ve been trying to be nice and defend you guys sometimes but REALLY?! What the heck?
- Maroon Fox 🌙

Little BirdApril 22, 2022 pm30 6:45 pm

I actually agree with you Maroon Fox, because i can't buy a membership or the new island thingy, and I've literally done every single island twice or more times. It's getting rather boring, although I AM very excited about the new Jade Scarab one coming out, and hopefully that one won't be super easy.

SUPA Chips April 27, 2022 am30 9:34 am

SUPER VILLAIN! 🦹‍♀️ I remember having to enter in to there dream and it was like a virtual reality.