Thursday, April 21, 2022

The 13th and Final Steam Clue! ??



Can you believe that in just over 2 weeks, we’ve gone from first sharing news of the upcoming the Steam release to finishing an entire series of island hints? It’s surreal! We hope you enjoyed the daily hints for each island! Stay tuned for more details about the Steam bundle, including release date, FAQ’s, and pricing. If all goes well, there may even be another surprise or two waiting for you...


Now, without further ado, here is the 13th and FINAL Steam clue!


Steam Island Hint #13


“Piece together the powers of one mighty hero to defeat this island’s storied villain. But first, you’ll have to play your cards right.” ?


After today, you should be able to figure out which islands will be included in the bundle. What are your final guesses? Share your complete list and check with your fellow players to see which islands are still up for debate!


Thank you for sharing the good news and excitement with other players – both past and present. Is anyone else feeling super nostalgic? We’d love to hear more about your personal experiences with Pop! When did you first discover Poptropica? What are your all-time favorite adventures? Are you a newer player in the community or have you stuck around since the early days? And of course, one of the most debated topics in the Pop community… Which villain has a special place, near and dear to your heart? Everyone’s got one! ?

Happy LizardApril 21, 2022 pm30 9:05 pm

PoptropiCon 3

someone waitingApril 21, 2022 pm30 9:11 pm

i'm just here wondering when the new island is coming out

Danny PhantomApril 21, 2022 pm30 9:51 pm

POPTROPICON 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Friendly RockApril 21, 2022 pm30 9:54 pm


Poptropica PlayerApril 21, 2022 pm30 10:09 pm

You know, I’m disappointed.
ALL these islands were AS3 islands! You promised classic islands, and while these islands are relatively old, they aren’t the classic ones like Mystery Train or Game Show. I appreciate your bringing back islands, but you made a promise a few years ago. You promised the old islands would return. I really thought you could keep that promise.

Guess not.

Incredible FlameApril 23, 2022 pm30 8:06 pm

Well, it depends are what you mean by old, if you go by the actual timeline of Poptropica, 2007-2022, the oldest island, (not counting Mythology), Poptropolis, was released in 2012 (became an SUI in 2013), so technically it was an AS2 island. Also, the classic Mythology, as previously mentioned, is an AS2 island before it became an SUI. Also, Poptropica didn't add Reality T.V. or Monkey Wrench, so I guess that is a good thing since they are not actual islands. However, Poptropica's words were a bit unclear and questionable, when they said "classics," even though none of these islands are more than a decade old (not including Mythology), and the majority of them were playable on the app before they updated it and took all of the islands away :( So I'm not too sure about Pop's promises (and the steam bundle isn't even free), but it is better than some random Roblox game that isn't even good.

Spotted LionApril 25, 2022 pm30 1:28 pm

agreed!! mystery train and game show island are some of my favorites so it's a bit disappointing to see what the "classics" are

Tough SpinnerApril 22, 2022 am30 1:02 am

Island Candidates (They are all AS3 Islands)
1. Survival
2. OG Mythology
3. Galactic Hot Dogs
4. Mission Altantis
5. Shrink Ray
6. Poptropolis Games
7. Arabian Nights
8. Time Tangled?
9. Monster Carnival
10. Mystery of the Map
11. Virus Hunter
12. Mocktropica
13. Poptropicon

Shifty PawApril 22, 2022 am30 1:56 am

That's definitely poptropicon 3 . Yeah poptropicon was good

Curious RiderApril 22, 2022 am30 4:27 am

Easy; Poptropicon. The Mighty Action Force card game is mentioned through "you'll have to play your cards right", and in the third episode you use the equipment of the various heroes to become Alphaeon in order to challenge big yellow man Omegon

Lucky StarApril 22, 2022 am30 8:40 am

It's one of the PoptropiCon Islands!! Actually, I think it's either PoptropiCon 2 or 3!!! Thank you Poptropica! I mean, I don't play on Steam, so could you add ALL the old islands to ALL the platforms? Bc not a ton of people play Steam. Again THANK YOU!!!

Lucky Star ?⭐️

Angry GloveApril 22, 2022 am30 10:14 am

Perhaps Super Power Island

Little BirdApril 22, 2022 am30 10:25 am

oh this one's easy
uhhh I discovered Poptropica on CoolMathGames about 3 years ago so I guess i'm kind of "newer," my FAVORITE island(even though I never got to finish it) is Mocktropica, and my favorite villain is probably Omegon, if they count.

Cool bugApril 22, 2022 am30 10:58 am

Could be talking about Poptropi-con 3.

Lemon RaptorApril 22, 2022 am30 11:09 am


Fearless DragonApril 22, 2022 am30 11:57 am

Um... Poptropicon 3?

Sleepy StarfishApril 22, 2022 pm30 12:09 pm

It's Poptropicon 3! In the island, you have to put the powers together to beat the villain, Omegon. You play cards in Poptropicon 3.

Curious RiderApril 23, 2022 am30 8:03 am

Sooooo . . . we are getting the original islands back after Steam, right? I've been paying attention to the islands being hinted at and they all seem relatively recent, some being only five years old at most. Are there any plans of working on stuff from the early days of Poptropica or what???

Lucky StarApril 23, 2022 am30 10:14 am

Well, I used to play Poptropica when I was six, then stopped and forgot about it. Now, I'm a member and want to play the old islands. My sister played Poptropica in its beginnings, and she will never play again bc you changed Poptropica to a *cough* dumb *cough* game for little kids. MAKE IT POPTROPICAN AGAIN!!!!!!!

Lucky Star ?⭐️

Big LightningMay 1, 2022 am31 6:07 am

Thank you! I'm 22 been playing this since I was 7 and now that I'm ready to spend money on nostalgia they're trying to appeal to a whole new audience of children??? Talk about a terrible business plan.

Big Lightning

Spotted LionApril 25, 2022 pm30 1:26 pm

idk man... all I know is that I need cryptids and vampire's curse back pls....

LaurenApril 26, 2022 pm30 1:16 pm

I'm so excited for the steam release! Will 100% be purchasing - I need to access all those hours of simple, awesome fun.

Lauren McIntyreApril 26, 2022 pm30 1:19 pm

Very excited! Kinda sad to not see Mystery Train however - was this not possible to add? If it is would love to see it again down the line!
Thank you for all your hard work!