Monday, March 7, 2022

Store Update: Clubhouse Additions and St. Patty's Day Traditions! 🍀

Happy Monday, y’all!


We’re back with another store update today! Adventure Outfitters is keeping the spring styles and seasonal wear at the forefront. Grab some green before St. Patrick’s Day or prepare for a pinch! All players can choose between the Mardi Gras Jester and Green Leprechaun costumes (350 credits each), or create your own for the fun celebration. But why stop there? Take it a step further with the gallery of green gear to decorate your clubhouse! ☘️


March items in Adventure Outfitters - leftMarch items in Adventure Outfitters - right


Here’s the rotating costume inventory for the week:


3/7 - Adventure Outfitters costumes (1 of 4)3/7 - Adventure Outfitters costumes (2 of 4)3/7 - Adventure Outfitters costumes (3 of 4)3/7 - Adventure Outfitters costumes (4 of 4)


Let’s head to another shop spot for more new arrivals. Over in the clubhouse store, there’s more to explore!


March clubhouse decorations


Channel your inner interior designer into decorating your clubhouse! There are a handful of décor items that we haven’t seen in quite a while. Among the most notable items making their return, the Coat Rack (125 credits), Tea Set (200 credits), and the more recent PoptropiCon figurines (75 credits each). Also, the background section is now offering two more backdrops: Fairytale Spring and Sunken Ship (150 credits each, members only). 


Clubhouse background: Fairytale Spring illustrationClubhouse background: Sunken Ship illustration


As a final reminder, the Baron’s Airship will be departing shortly! Climb aboard the sky pirate’s vessel to get this month’s curated inventory and free costume from the Cabin of Curiosities. Time’s running out, get a move on! ⏳  


While we’re on the topic, it’s the perfect time to get started on your costume submissions for March’s costume contest! You have two weeks to enter your original outfit designs for the chance to have your idea and art shared with all players on the Baron’s Airship!


That’s a wrap on this week’s shop update! What do you think of the new store selections? Have a favorite seasonal outfit from the latest drop? Did any of the clubhouse items leave an impression? Share your thoughts and any of your faves in the comments section. 👇

Lucky StarMarch 9, 2022 pm31 1:35 pm

I love the new wall paper! My fav is the green vine one!