Monday, March 28, 2022

Marching Through This Month's Costume Contest Designs! 🎨

Up and at ‘em, y’all! Hope you had a great weekend!


If you’re in need of some Monday motivation, let’s kick this week off with an amazing display of talent from your fellow Poptropicans!


This month’s costume contest submissions are ready! Although a winner has not been chosen yet, the Team is in awe of this month’s turnout. The Pop community never ceases to blow us away. Thank you to everyone that joined in March’s costume contest – each of you should be proud!


Why don’t we get this show on the road? Presenting… the entire lineup of March's costume designs!



WOW. Every month gets better and better! Once again, shoutout to the poppin’ players that participated! The winner will be announced the day the Baron and the Airship arrive on Home Island. Until then, look to the skies for our favorite sky pirate! Until then, take a peek at the video and share your favorite designs in the comments below!👇


As usual, one costume design will be recreated as in-game outfit! The winning costume will be available for free (!) to all players at the beginning of April. When the Baron’s Airship touches down on Home Island, board the vessel and visit the Cabin of Curiosities! Each month, a winning costume design is offered to all players (always for free), alongside other interesting and vintage items.


But, be warned – the Baron waits for no one! The Airship and its inventory will only be stationed on Home Island for a short while. Don’t miss out on the Baron’s free ‘fit and exclusive inventory! 🏴‍☠️

Note: Several submissions did not included an attached image/file. If you don't see your costume entries, please resubmit your designs through the submissions page as an image or pdf. Your costume idea will be included in next month's video!

Sporty GooseMarch 29, 2022 pm31 2:45 pm

When I submitted my costume for the contest with a jpg file you didn't included it in the video... When you say "resubmit your designs through the submissions page as an image or pdf" you mean the files jpg and pdf right? if someone understood it please comment to help me!!!

March 29, 2022 pm31 3:08 pm

Sorry about that! Yep, either .jpeg, .png, or .pdf!