Sunday, February 27, 2022

Guest Blog: Real World Conversations by Busy Walker ⏳🏃‍♀️

Hellllooooo Poptropicans! I am Busy Walker. (Formally Serious Walker, for some reason I thought that was my Pop name for 6 months…) This is my debut guest post, hopefully with many more to come! 


Alrighty, so a bit of a background of what I aspire to write about. The world is a budding place with interesting events happening everywhere. My goal is to relate current world events to Poptropica. Also- every month things that have to do with that month. Once you start realizing what’s happening around you and relating it to yourself the better understanding you have of… well, everything. 


March is quickly coming around the corner. The biggest current world event is the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. It is a terrible event, and almost uncomfortable to mention. It’s terrible. It is important nevertheless. Now, to its relation to Poptropica…


The Island you all know and love: Arabian Nights! A quick background of the island: There are 1001 thieves, ransacking this town while a king is obsessed with his riches. Over three islands, you find out about the thieves' background, and a genie is eventually released. He wrecks havoc on the town, and your mission is to stop him. You end up reuniting a father and daughter, happily ever after. Where am I going with this, you might ask?


Havoc. Just think about that word. It kind of brings up a weird mix of feelings. Most would say sad, for me specifically it makes me mad, when ‘havoc’ reigns. Like the Genie flying through town, you feel helpless chasing him. The situation happening over in Russia is similar. 


Now to put a bow on it, it's a sad subject. A writing piece that makes you feel uncomfortable. But now here is the point: sometimes it needs to be said, stuff that isn’t 100% happy. Buuuuuuuutttt ending on a happy note is never a bad thing. Sometimes the world isn’t a peaceful happy Oasis, but the world always works together to get better, and slowly maybe world peace will be established.


Ok! So in March, Spring begins and with Spring there is Daylight Savings Time. You know it, you hate it. Make sure on March 13th you set your clock up an hour! So Seriously, Busy Walker (See what I did there?) This was my Monthly update, and it wasn’t exactly one of the more positive ones hopefully to come. Man, I should’ve started in February. 


Now for your thoughts! Let me know what you think!


-Busy Walker

VioletFebruary 27, 2022 pm28 9:37 pm

This is great!

Striped RdierFebruary 27, 2022 pm28 10:31 pm


Maroon foxFebruary 27, 2022 pm28 10:43 pm

Hi! I was wondering when we get the results for the Feb costume contest? I entered it and have been waiting for so long at this point I don’t care if I win I just wanna know who did lol. Bye! Thanks!

Magic FoxFebruary 28, 2022 am28 10:13 am

Hi, Maroon Fox! Magic Fox here (isn't it fun to have the same initials?) letting you know about the costume contest. I submitted an entry too, and I'm quite eager to learn the results.
Well, looking into past Costume Contests, you'll notice that the results are usually posted on the last day of the month (which for me is today!), occasionally on the second-to-last day of the month, or on the first day of the new month. Hopefully, the results will be today so we won't have to anxiously wait much longer, but if we don't find out today (Feb 28), we'll for sure get the results tomorrow (Mar 1)!
Remember, the Poptropican team receives hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of entries per contest and needs time to review them all, as well as decide on a winner from all of our amazing designs.
Wishing you the best of luck! - MF ✨🦊

Maroon foxMarch 1, 2022 am31 8:27 am

Hi! Yeah I agree. Hopefully they are seen today (it’s march 1st for me right now)! Btw it’s cool that our initials and names sorta match! Good luck! I saw your design in the submissions video and I love it!! Good luck again!

-maroon fox

Moody owlFebruary 28, 2022 am28 8:31 am

👏🏻 👏🏻

Busy WalkerFebruary 28, 2022 pm28 5:23 pm

I’m already bursting with ideas for next month. This wasn’t too well written, but it’s a good start. I’m pumped 💪🏼

anonymousFebruary 28, 2022 pm28 6:18 pm

Why do you creators put so much effort into changing things and making mini-quests? Why?
Some people might argue and say that the changes were necessary for Poptropica to continue on Haxe, but that's not 100% true. The creators chose to change things like the inventory, the animations, and old Home Island, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. How do I know this? Because all the changes listed were in the original version in the early days of Haxe, so it must be the creators who made a conscious decision to make it the way it is now. And to add to that, the creators spend valuable resources on making those changes and making boring mini-quests when that money could be used to make the islands we've all been begging for! Come on, you can't argue with my logic here. So here's a list of what the creators are doing:
1. Completely ignoring our cries for the old islands
2. Spending money on what nobody asks for in place of spending it on what everybody has been asking for
3. Wasting said money on mini-quests that take less than 5 minutes to complete
4. Claim to be working hard when they waste their said money on said mini-quests
5. Asks for said money that they use on said mini-quests
6. Claim to appreciate all the fan videos we make about how much we miss old Pop, like the PHB's Backspace, but they don't even get the message

So try defending those creators now. They don't deserve any of the respect you give them.

Silver GhostFebruary 28, 2022 pm28 9:40 pm

Russia is talking about nukes hope Ukraine finds its way to safety.😰☹️🤔😡🤨😞

AnonMarch 1, 2022 am31 8:42 am

Comparing the situation in Ukraine to a poptropica island is offensive tbh

Silver GhostMarch 1, 2022 am31 10:26 am

The creators let it get post. Also it’s a good post.

Busy WalkerMarch 1, 2022 pm31 6:02 pm

It's a site for kids. It's a terrible situation and I hope Ukraine is safe. Its just not the best idea to go to in depth online because everyone has their own opinions.

tulipMarch 1, 2022 pm31 2:59 pm

this is distasteful and inappropriate