Monday, January 3, 2022

New year, new store update! Adventure-worthy outfits, decorations, and January's member gifts! ?

Happy new year everyone! Do you have any new year resolutions that you’re excited about?


Today is the Monday and first store update of 2022! Let’s stop by Adventure Outfitters to see what Amelia’s added to the inventory!


Right off the bat, there’s a TON of new items available. Even better, each addition is available to all players! The newest costume collection includes a bounty of fantasy attire for even the most seasoned costume enthusiasts. Anyone up to convene in crazy costumes? ?


Starting with the left display, we’ve got a Grape Soda accessory (75 credits), Trash Collector costume (100 credits), and Cool Blade Ninja outfit (250 credits).


1/3 store update - left display


The dumbwaiter now houses 2 new hoodies: Kittie Softie and Super Softie (250 credits each). Bundle up with these super soft hoodies to outfit your Popsona in the cutest costume available! Try pairing the Kittie Softie sweatshirt with the cat backpack for a purrfect combo!


1/3 store update - rotation 11/3 store update - rotation 21/3 store update - rotation 31/3 store update - rotation 4


Towards the right end of AO, even more fantasy ‘fits have hit the racks! Suit up with the Mutton Chops (100 credits) and Dirt Clod costumes (100 credits) for an outlandish, sci-fi look! You might also remember the Large Fry costume (350 credits) from previous releases.


Alongside the costume wear, decorate your clubhouse with action figures of some of your favorite Pop characters! Add some pizazz to your clubhouse with the Archer (100 credits), Dr. Hare and Egg mashup (100 credits), Space Cow (75 credits), Balloon Boy (75 credits), and Pirate statues (75 credits)!


1/3 store update - right


As usual, the start of each month also brings a new batch of member gifts! Keep the new year’s party going with January’s Apple Cider Bottle, Fun Fireworks, and Sparkler accessories!


January Member Gifts


Notice any themes happening in Adventure Outfitters? Could these eccentric ensembles have a special meaning? Add the latest costumes to your wardrobe and take a close look at ‘em!


That’s a wrap for this week’s inventory update! Which gear items stand out most to you? Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s make 2022 the best yet!

Danny PhantomJanuary 3, 2022 pm31 1:43 pm

Um, all of those costumes are from the Poptropicon island except for like, the big sweaters. Anyway, hope you all have a great year!!!

Bashful CrabJanuary 8, 2022 am31 11:27 am

Can't wait for the Side-Quest! Even though I'm not a member, it looks pretty cool! I still miss the old islands, though. Oh well!