Monday, December 20, 2021

The shop’s gearing up for Christmas with new costumes for the whole fam! 🎄🎁💫

Adventure Outfitters’ inventory has been updated to include a brand-new outfit, returning trendy threads, and parade of pet costumes! Let’s pop right in.


Adventure Outfitters 12/20 update - 1Adventure Outfitters 12/20 update - 2Adventure Outfitters 12/20 update - 3Adventure Outfitters 12/20 update - 4


First up, ‘sona gear! The latest outfit to join the shop’s rotation is the Peppermint PJ’s look! The peppermint pair is available to all players for 200 credits. The red striped pajamas are a merry option for Poptropicans that want to be cute and comfy for a day in!


You might also recognize the 3 returning outfits that have hit the racks: the Cozy Cocoa (250 credits), Boss Babe (250 credits), and Aqua Rebel costumes (250 credits). All three costumes are open to all players!


The Cozy Cocoa costume includes a purple tee decorated with a mug of hot cocoa, jeans, and adorable pigtails. There’s nothing better than fighting off a cold day with a steaming cup o’ cocoa. The Boss Babe ensemble switching things up a bit! See the boss babe, be the boss babe. Outfit your avatar with the costume’s purple biker jacket, white tank top, and full head of curls for a prime combo. The final costume, Aqua Rebel, features an edgy streak of blue hair, a “cool” aqua t-shirt, and dark wash jeans. Mix and match any costume elements to experiment with your signature style!


The pet section also received an update today – three cheers for three new pet ‘fits and the return of another fan-favorite!


12/20 pet update - 112/20 pet update - 212/20 pet update - 312/20 pet update - 4


Players can now dress their pets in the Holiday Ball (75 credits), Candy Cane Cap (75 credits), and Jingle Beanie (75 credits, members only). The Holiday Ball and Candy Cane Cap are the pet versions of two seasonal get-ups that are still available in AO! Coordinate with your adorable companion for a fun treat Lastly, the pet section also rereleased the Blue Tiara accessory (75 credits, members only). If you’re known for pampering your pet, this is the perfect addition to spoil them!


That’s a wrap for this week’s shop update. Try on Amelia’s latest treats and find the perfect outfit to show off your holiday vibes. Enjoy!

Shifty PawDecember 21, 2021 am31 2:07 am

Can we pls have news on old islands like red dragon, cryptids, twisted thicket?
We all miss those islands and would like them back. Please and thank you

white iceDecember 21, 2021 am31 8:15 am

hey what about the costume contest ?????????????????????????????????????????? I worked really hard on mine.

December 21, 2021 pm31 2:35 pm

Contest winners will be announced tomorrow! :-)

HiDecember 21, 2021 am31 9:32 am

When are you saying the winners for the costume contest

Dangerous ShadowDecember 21, 2021 pm31 12:24 pm

Hi, when are the costume contest winners coming out?????????????????????????

December 21, 2021 pm31 2:36 pm

The winner will be revealed tomorrow!