Thursday, December 16, 2021

Guest Blog: Invisible Ring’s Report of the Year! ??

Me: Helloooooo, Poptropica! Your favorite guest blogger, Invisible Ring has returned once again, here to give you yet another awesome guest post you DON’T want to miss! Grab your popcorn, grab your soda, grab your...


Invisible Ring and Cameraman on Home Island


Cameraman: ...Get to the point, Invisible Ring. We are on camera and the public is waiting…


Me: Right!...*ahem* Thank you all for coming today. As you all know, the new software age has caused incredibly large changes in Poptropica this year. My cameraman and I have kept a close eye on these changes ever since this particular blog post came out, promising new islands, new sidequests, new features, and new multiplayer content as well. For full information, you can view this post HERE! And wouldn’t you know it, that post even mentions ME in there! Right before my very first guest post came out! Ain’t that EXCITING?!


Cameraman: Yes, Invisible Ring, it’s exciting… Anyway, viewers, soon after the 2 of us read this post for the first time, we have heard a few Poptropicans here and there refer to this very year as Poptropica’s make-or-break year. We have compared Poptropica’s progress with that blog post and here are our results... Invisible Ring, would you do the honors?


Invisible Ring and Cameraman reporting from Home Island


Me: It would be my honor… SLIDESHOW PLEASE! ...First off, the new islands. The first 2020 Dream Island winner known as Fairytale Island came early this Spring. The critical consensus we have gathered says this island left something to be desired.


Invisible Ring's Fairytale Island WalkthroughInvisible Ring in Goofball Island's City Hall


However, the second dream island winner Goofball Island just came out last month, and the critical consensus we gathered for THAT island (summarized in our own words) says, “Much better, we are looking forward to Secret of the Jade Scarab.”


Mission Atlantis: Into the Deep


Cameraman: Now for the side-quests of this year. In a list from oldest to newest, we have:

  1. The bear quest
  2. The candy quest
  3. Amelia’s Tea House
  4. Rumplestiltskin Bonus Quest
  5. Wrench of the Red Baroness

The first 3 side quests were all made after FairyTale Island came out, and are said to share connections with it as well. Fans claim that the bear quest is a spinoff of the 3 bears story. The candy quest is a spinoff of Hansel and Gretel, and Amelia’s Tea House holds the lipstick that was never used. The Rumplestiltskin quest tied off loose ends to FairyTale island, and the Baron’s quest premiered on her Halloween visit. ...Only after all 5 of these mini-quests were made did Goofball Island come out. 


Invisible Ring's on the Lost Cub quest


Invisible Ring taking on Amelia's side quest


Me: Oh shoot! Look at the time! I think we need to move this along. Audiences are not known for their patience, so I think we better get a move-on with the rest of our report!

Cameraman: Duly noted. The Character menu is the most recognized new feature in Poptropica, specially designed to hold all categories of all store items, gifts, prizes, and closet items. ...We have mixed reviews of this. Some players love this feature because they are finally able to find all their belongings again! Other players STRONGLY disapprove of this feature because it replaced the costumizer feature that was around since Poptropica first began. Poptropi-con Island is the only island that has both the Character feature AND the Costumizer feature. This leads us to believe that the populus wants ALL of the islands to have both of these features available.


Character Screen Feature


Costumizer feature - exclusively on PoptropiCon


Party Room multiplayer feature


The final promise, multiplayer, was fulfilled by adding invite buttons on the friends page, making it easier than ever to invite friends and ultimately turning any clubhouse room into a party room!

Me: So what can we say with these results? New islands, new sidequests, new features, and new multiplayer content were all promised earlier this year, and all these promises have been FULFILLED! Congratulations, Poptropica, you have succeeded in meeting your goals!

Cameraman: Arguably, this make-or-break year is making it through, but it’s not over yet. The final dream island is yet to come, and many are wondering what will happen after that. The future of Poptropica is still an uncertain time, and that’s where our final announcement comes in. 



Cameraman: ...And that’s it for our special news report. Thank you all for joining us.


Me: And if you liked this special news report, let us know in the comments section! Your feedback matters, and we’re excited to give you more PRO-GRADE guest posts in months to come!


Cameraman: Whoa whoa whoa, we’ve been over this, mini-bracelet! There’s no “we” in the future posts. I’m only here for a one-time occasion! You’re on your own.

Me: Oh yeah, I forgot! I meant I! ...I’M excited to give you more pro-grade posts for months to come! But until then, it’s back to finishing the school finals and the holiday hustle-bustle! ...And most importantly my movie! That’s all, and I’ll see you next time.

Me: That’s right, viewers! I have been working around the clock on my official Poptropica movie known as BATTLE MORALE. In case any of you missed my memo from 2 months ago, the official movie trailer is right here! So get ready. Make sure you all watch it, because the movie is coming out on my next monthly guest post! ...Don’t miss ‘em.


Invisible Ring and Cameraman signing off!


Jane HopperDecember 16, 2021 pm31 2:19 pm

Hi Invisible Ring! I'm SO excited for your movie!!!!!!! I think I'm probably your biggest fan! I love it when you post and thank you for doing it! That's all.

Golden CrownDecember 16, 2021 pm31 3:26 pm

OMG THIS WAS SO GOOD! Sweet, Invisible Ring! Can't wait for Battle Morale.

anonymousDecember 16, 2021 pm31 5:33 pm

Poptropica has not fulfilled it's promise. They said it would be the year of STORIES, but how could it be the year of stories when everything revolves around Fairy Tale and all we have are mini-quests?
Poptropica stories are islands, but you only have 2 more--Mission Atlantis and Arabian nights 2 (Goofball and Fairy Tale are excepted considering they are way too short to be considered actual islands)

So no, Poptropica has broken its promises.

Shifty PawDecember 16, 2021 pm31 8:49 pm

Nice costume IR, I like how you keep old costumes like the white ninja suit from red dragon.
I think it has been a sort of break year, as I am one of the older poptropica players who do not like the changes as they are just animations and the islands aren't really long, fun or just doesn't feel like poptropica anymore.
I know I sound annoying, but can we have news on the old islands please?
Cool report Invisible Ring, can't wait for the movie!