Friday, December 3, 2021

Goofball Island's fantastic fan art highlights! ✨

Since Goofball Island’s release, the Pop community has been creating some amazing art around Goofball and its characters! Although we can’t show off all the art made by talented Poptropicans like yourselves, here are few that have been shared with us from Instagram and through the submissions page!


First up, @sakurannb0 tagged us in a fantastic post, featuring one of the most famous Poptropicans around… none other than Thinknoodles! Their fan art includes a black and white portrayal of Thinknoodles’ iconic avatar and Goofball’s pinata costume, alongside a Dullsville-inspired dark background and a vibrant Goofside-inspired backdrop. @Sakurannb0 even included some of the island’s dialogue in their grey background! Job well done!


@sakurannb0's Goofball Island x Thinknoodles fan art


Another player (@_smart_spinner_) also tagged us in their take on a normal Poptropican’s transformation into a Dr. Blandston! Wearing Blandston’s dentist uniform, the avatar’s usual smile and white coat have taken on a whole new meaning when combined with the villain’s dull skin, pointed teeth, and glowing red eyes. Smart Spinner even included a speed drawing clip of the entire process – visit their page to see the full video!


@_smart_spinner_'s Dr. Blandston fan art


Likewise, @BrittScarlet1’s rendition of Dr. Blandston puts Goofball’s blandest citizen front and center. The doc’s eyes are unmistakable – it’s almost like he’s closing in to blandify you! Is this the last thing the bland Poptropicans saw as they left their goofy selves behind? And we can appreciate Blandston’s mask wearing – he may be dull but he still has your best interests in mind.


@brittscarlet1's Dr. Blandston fan art


Just like Goofball Island, there’s tons of Dr. Blandston sightings to be had! @Oneofthosenightbees Blandston based art is a dramatic depiction! Atop a newspaper background, the doctor’s eyes are a stunning contrast to his uniform and muted palette. And although we’re not likely to forget his name, @oneofthosenightbees’ inclusion of his title is a truly villainous touch!


@oneofthosenightbees' Dr. Blandston fan art


Last up, Red Toes’ artwork puts a hilarious spin on Detective Gram’s relationship with Mayor Naise! How dare he love his cat?! Add his love for cats to his ginormous hat, and he’s found himself in Detective Gram’s suspect file. Suspicious, indeed… I’d keep my eye on that one too.

Red Toes' Goofball fan art



WOOOOOW, let’s give these artists a round of applause! You all did amazing! Many thanks to everyone for sharing your talent with the community – let’s keep the masterpieces coming!

Jane HopperDecember 3, 2021 pm31 3:47 pm

Hey Poptropica Creators, what's with the keep tabs on twenty-four carrot island? Did I miss it? Is it just for members?

poptropica masterDecember 5, 2021 pm31 3:47 pm

uhm no its not for members and I don't see those tabs?