Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Clubhouse Crawl part 3: ft. Orange Tiger 🍊🐅

Let's keep this Clubhouse Crawl across Poptropica going -- come along for the ride! The third leg of our journey to share the community's outstanding clubhouses is a home-age to Orange Tiger's cottage. No time to dilly-dally, let’s see how grrrrrreat Orange Tiger’s dwellings are! 🐯


Orange Tiger's clubhouse entrance


First impressions: THIS CLUBHOUSE IS SERIOUSLY AWESOME! The plant-iful foliage, golden pineapples, and surfboards give the clubhouse a laid back, go-with-the-flow type of vibe. As for the rest of their house, Orange Tiger’s quirky style highlights their fun personality!


Orange Tiger's clubhouse - right


To the right, Orange Tiger’s setup features a TV area, gaming chairs, and a hydrahomie friendly water station. Oh!  One small detail you might’ve missed… An enormous blue troll stands guard just above! Look but don’t touch and there troll-tally won’t be any problems.


Orange Tiger's clubhouse - left


To the left of the clubhouse, it seems that Orange Tiger has a knack for defying gravity. Double decker couch, anyone?


Lego Movie's double decker couch


More like hex-a-decker couch!


Orange Tiger's clubhouse - upstairs


Things take a sweet turn on the upper landing! It looks like Orange Tiger has a sweet tooth, because one section of the wall is decked out in eye-popping popsicles, while pineapples decorate the floor! The upstairs level also houses Orange Tiger’s pet play area, complete with a doghouse, cat tower, and the unicorn plushie from Amelia’s recent mini quest. 🦄


Orange Tiger's clubhouse - upstairs


Orange Tiger’s bedroom can be found in the top right corner. Like the rest of their clubhouse, the bedroom area includes a bunch of fun and colorful accents! Bright lights, soda machines, even a basketball hoop?! It’s like a dream come true! 🤩


Orange Tiger's clubhouse - bedroom


Special shoutout and many thanks to Orange Tiger for curating their impressive clubhouse! While we’ll continue to have impromptu clubhouse features like this one, you can also request a clubhouse feature! If you’d like your cottage to be a stop on the Clubhouse Crawl across Poptropica, here’s how you can get involved! If interested, please use the submissions page to send us your username (the username you login with) alongside a tour of your decorated space. We’ll be popping in to take a look around before your clubhouse highlight! 🏡

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