Thursday, September 23, 2021


Great news, Poptropicans! The newest side quest has arrived! ?


Rumpel's Challenge Side Quest


Rumpel’s Challenge picks up where we last left off on Fairy Tale Island! After wreaking havoc on the citizens of Fairy Tale, Rumpelstiltskin returns to the scene of his crimes. This time, the magic man challenges Poptropicans to search for answers – but he’s not going to make it easy for us.


Will Rumpel’s Challenge return Fairy Tale Island to its former glory? Does he know where the king is? Is Rumpelstiltskin scheming to steal more happy endings? Is this quest real or is the magic man having more fun at our expense? Unfortunately, the only one with the answers we’re looking has been rather unhelpful in the past…


Members can accept Rumpel’s Challenge beginning today! Rumpel only appears to those that have completed the island’s initial quests. So, if you haven’t already, visit Fairy Tale to earn your island medallion before accepting the magic man’s side quest.


Prepare for a wild journey, exploring places both new and old! One last tip: tread lightly. You never know what Rumpelstiltskin has up his sleeve.


You’ve got this, Poptropicans!  

Chilly ShadowSeptember 23, 2021 pm30 12:12 pm

Wow. What fun. How exciting. Wow.


Happy LizardSeptember 23, 2021 pm30 12:37 pm

Excuse me, movieclip variants are not kid friendly, just like gore is not kid friendly.

ShhKarensSeptember 23, 2021 pm30 2:44 pm

This person is a Karen that talks bad on all poptropica blog comments that doesn’t even play poptropica because if you played the game you would know it’s not gore, that it is kid friendly, who said movieflip variants are not kid friendly and that character ain’t even gore you would know if you played the game you can’t base stuff on the blog and he doesn’t even look gore

Happy LizardSeptember 23, 2021 pm30 5:26 pm

I don't talk bad on all Poptropica blog comments, my name is not Karen, and I didn't say it's gore.

moonSeptember 23, 2021 pm30 7:33 pm

what do u mean gore? poptropica is kid friendly

Chilly WindSeptember 23, 2021 pm30 8:20 pm

You keep saying everything is not kid friendly on poptropica blog post comments it kinda rude because it is like your telling them how to run their game and you wait for the blog to post something new and find something about the game and said its not kid friendly and if it was not kid friendly poptropica would not post, have it in its game, or show viedos or moveclips if it was not kid friendly and how you said just like gore is not kid friendly some people might think your saying the game is gore or the post was gore when you didnt mean it to sound like that

Happy LizardSeptember 23, 2021 pm30 11:14 pm

I don't keep saying that.

Happy LizardSeptember 24, 2021 am30 7:43 am

I don't keep saying everything is not kid friendly.

White SingerSeptember 24, 2021 pm30 3:40 pm

Yes you do, mister happy lizard. If you need a refresher, my dude, go back to all the places you commented and read your comments over and over until it either clicks or your eyes peel.

Poptropica PlayerSeptember 24, 2021 pm30 4:24 pm

Listen Happy Lizard, just please realize that Poptropica is kid-friendly. As much as I may resent them right now since they don't listen to us, I know it's kid-friendly. There was no gore in any island ever released, and while movieclip variants are annoying in my opinion, it's not inappropriate. So do us all a favor by actually going on the game and seeing for yourself how everything is kid-friendly. Try to listen to us when we tell you that nothing is inappropriate. Honestly, it kinda seems like you're just looking for reasons to say Poptropica's not kid friendly. Saying the Shrink Ray Gun relates to a machine gun, and the new animations are somehow inappropriate is far-fetched. So just chill out, okay?

White SunSeptember 23, 2021 pm30 1:15 pm

Very sad... This news is really disappointing and heart breaking for us non members. Hope your happy, Poptropica. I've been a huge fan all my life. This really isn't fair. Hope all you 'members' enjoy the island. ???

Grey GhostSeptember 24, 2021 pm30 3:43 pm

If I was part of the makers of poptropica i would listen to people like this

Poptropica PlayerSeptember 24, 2021 pm30 4:26 pm

Um, I'm a member, and I don't understand why you're being rude to us by putting "members" in quotes. Just because we're allowed to access it doesn't mean it's our fault that you can't, so just don't be rude to us.

White SunSeptember 24, 2021 pm30 9:40 pm

Sorry Poptropica Player. I was having a bad day and I wasn't trying to be mean. I just don't understand why it's only for members.

Grey GhostSeptember 24, 2021 pm30 11:20 pm

We aren't putting members down. We are merely making it clear that some people are disappointed in a lot of new updates.

Poptropica PlayerSeptember 27, 2021 am30 8:23 am

Ah, I'm embarrassed now ?
I was kind of having a bad day too as the mini-quest wasn't all it's cracked up to be with yet another cliffhanger ending.
Also, it's only for members because you have to go to Time Tangled island to get something and because that's restricted, it wouldn't work for non-members to get to play it.
However, I 100% understand. Like, what the heck? You leave an island with a really bad cliffhanger ending, then the mini-quest has a cliffhanger, not to mention the mini-quest is only for members. I mean, you have an awesome storyline, but then you cut it right down the middle and make people pay to see the rest. I get it, totally unfair.

Squeezy SliceSeptember 23, 2021 pm30 3:08 pm

this members-only side quest is truky the most evil thing rumpel has done. wish I could turn him into a cake with my pixel pig prank.

Blue MoonSeptember 23, 2021 pm30 10:03 pm

same... :( hope you enjoy your side quest, members

Tough JokerSeptember 23, 2021 pm30 3:38 pm

Will the side quest be available to non-members soon.

HannahSeptember 24, 2021 pm30 6:47 pm

Ya, will the side quest be available to non members soon? I really hope Tough Joker, I really Hope!

sOmEonESeptember 23, 2021 pm30 10:04 pm

members, if you see this, mind telling us how it goes?
bc WE can't play it for SOME reasons...

Poptropica PlayerSeptember 24, 2021 pm30 5:35 pm

I know exactly why you can't play it!
Rumple has you travel to all sorts of different islands through riddles. He'll give you a riddle, and that's a clue on where to find the next riddle. The reason you can't play the mini-quest is because he has you go to Time Tangled for one of them, and that's restricted for members, so they can't let non-members play.
Also, by the way, this new side-quest is a lot better than Fairy Tale. There's puzzles, it's kind of hard at some parts, and it's way more fun altogether.

Chilly ShadowSeptember 27, 2021 pm30 12:19 pm

Hey, thanks for telling us, bro!

Squeezy SliceSeptember 27, 2021 pm30 1:36 pm

uh... I actually, Time Tangled isn't members only anymore. I've done it three times already and I'm not a member.

Poptropica PlayerSeptember 27, 2021 pm30 4:18 pm

Oh, thanks for letting me know, Squeezy Slice! In that case, I don't know why it's members-only!
Also you're welcome, Chilly Shadow

Squeezy Slice September 24, 2021 pm30 5:29 pm

Oh well. I wonder when will Goofball Island and Legend of the Jade Island will come.

September 26, 2021 pm30 10:47 pm

There will be more info about Goofball Island coming out this week. Stay tuned! 

AnonymousSeptember 24, 2021 pm30 6:28 pm

Thanks a lot for another cliffhanger ending Poptropica. Are you making another part? Don't keep it a secret if you are. You do realize that's how you lose players, right? They think you won't make anything else, so they quit. And maybe that person was a member, and then you just lost a source of money. This entire situation can be averted if you simply answer our questions and tell us what you are doing.
I'm wasting my breath, though. You're just gonna ignore me...

September 26, 2021 pm30 10:46 pm

It's not "The End" just yet! There's still more to come soon :-) 

Opinion HaverSeptember 27, 2021 am30 10:38 am

Fairy Tale Island's ending sucked, but this sidequest's is satisfying enough. I honestly would have been pretty disappointed if Fairy Tale Island's story ended during a sidequest!

White SingerSeptember 27, 2021 pm30 12:20 pm

the irony...lolz

CoolGamerSeptember 24, 2021 pm30 7:26 pm

I don’t know why everyone is so surprised poptropica always had a member only quest at the end of islands like vampire curse island just be happy that they didn’t make the whole island members only and they had to make the membership worth something or no one would buy it and the game can’t survive, the only thing I think is really unfair that they did with the membership is the Christmas gifts, Christmas gifts should be for both non member and members like a lot of games, that way poptropica is being fair to both and not leaving out nonmembers, their Christmas Message make me so mad it made it seem like they only cared for members and that they didn’t care for the non members because without both they wouldn’t have the game

Invisible RingSeptember 25, 2021 pm30 12:06 pm

Hey, guys. I have a playthrough of Fairytale island and the side quest as a whole. So for all of you who wanna know how it goes, just watch this!

White RiderSeptember 27, 2021 pm30 12:22 pm

THANK YOU SO MUCH INVISIBLE RING! I won't mind not being able to play it as much as long as I know what happens :J

Shifty pawSeptember 25, 2021 pm30 6:05 pm

It said you would explore new places and old. Does that mean the old islands?!
If so, I am so excited for the old islands, even though I'm a non member, since I've been on poptropica for about six or seven years.
Thankyou Poptropica!

A PersonSeptember 25, 2021 pm30 9:11 pm

One of the lines in the new bonus quest is “I should just wait for them to release all the old islands!” Which proceeds to make another character cry. (Being vague to avoid spoilers for people)
Does this mean y’all aren’t even considering bringing them back?

September 26, 2021 pm30 10:43 pm

Apologies for the confusion! Nope, that wasn't the intended meaning! :-) 

anonymousSeptember 27, 2021 am30 8:31 am

It might as well be! All you do is make new stuff!

silver ringSeptember 26, 2021 pm30 12:45 pm

guys i tried to friend thinknoodles, but he can't play anymore if he tries to come back. his account was deleted. it was due to not being active for so long!!!! we will miss him! rip thinknoodles, you were a legend.

anonymousSeptember 26, 2021 pm30 2:27 pm

I'm a Seraphim I always will be and all of you other Poptropicans need to join us. We may only be the second most popular tribe, but I guarantee we are the best of the best.
Need convincing?
Blimps fly in the air, so being a Seraphim ensures safe blimp travel, we're incredibly strategic and wise, we have an awesome tribal room, our logo is pretty sweet, and we have like a gazillion members of our tribe.
Our colors are black and gold, which look awesome as a costume, and we win the Poptropolis Games every time!
The lesson is:

Golden CrownSeptember 27, 2021 am30 9:03 am

Hi! GC here. I'm a Pathfinder. Do tribes even matter right now? Like, I LOVED the Poptropolis Games, but if there are no games to compete in, there isn't much point in it, is there? I think that we should focus on gaining support FOR tribes to come back first, THEN focus on campaigning our separate tribes.

(also invisible ring if you see this, it was my guardian who sent that message a few months ago)

anonymousSeptember 27, 2021 pm30 4:27 pm

Hi Golden Crown,
First of all, sweet choice on the Pathfinders, I personally really like their common room (though I've been a Seraphim all my Poptropican's life and I don't intend to change) and their colors are good too in my opinion.
I loved Busy Hopper's post about bringing back the respect of the tribes, although I was kind of nervous about her idea of the other Poptropican tribes attacking us. You're right, bringing back the tribes is important, but don't you think the best way to do that is to get back in the spirit and spark some friendly competition? I mean, if everyone starts talking about their tribes and trying to build the glory of their tribes by recruiting people, won't that make the tribes important again? If we want tribes back, we can't just ask the creators to bring back common rooms or something. The spirit of the tribes depends on us!

Happy LizardSeptember 27, 2021 am30 7:57 am

I'm a Seraphim, remember?

Golden CrownSeptember 28, 2021 am30 11:57 am


You make an excellent point! I was just thinking that we should work on convincing the creators to bring tribes back first, before we go on to disappoint ourselves. However, I think you're right! Plus, they TECHNICALLY haven't gotten rid of tribes yet. If you try to find your rank after completing an island, and search up your username, it'll show you AND your tribe! Cool!

Anyway, I guess there's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, as long as we're all united under one goal: BRING TRIBES BACK! :)

anonymousSeptember 28, 2021 pm30 5:57 pm

Totally, #tribes4life

shaymnOctober 4, 2021 pm31 5:50 pm

i wish players without membership could play to

Shy Scorpion May 16, 2022 pm31 1:28 pm

So I am a member I did the side quest but I had restarted fairly take island, does Rumple come back so I can do the side quest again ? :(