Monday, June 21, 2021

Shop ‘Til You Droptropica! New Store Update ✨

Welcome back, y’all! Hopefully you enjoyed your weekend and you’re ready to take on the start of summer! As a reminder, every Monday (!!), Poptropica’s Adventure Outfitters store releases an inventory update. This week’s store update is a short and sweet one, but it definitely packs a punch! Let's dive in. 


Store Rotation 1


Store Update 2



Store Update 3



Store Update 4


The newest addition to the store is the Acidic Dinosaur costume! This members only costume is front and center in the store rotation – and for good reason. The jurassic look guarantees you'll turn heads. But be wary of the attention, we've seen what could happen when a dinosaur is turned loose on an island. ?


Need to disguise yourself? Inspired to perfectly execute Godzilla chic? Or do you just want to look like a giant lizard?!


Acidic Dinosaur is your answer. ? ?  ?


Acidic Dinosaur Costume


You might also remember some costume items that are making a reappearance in the store, including Record Spinner and the Spring Floral Dress!


Record Spinner


Spring Floral Dress


You can still access the Pride themed costumes in the store -- the Sporty Pride, Breezy Pride, Rainbow Shoes, Choose Love, and Rainbow Ride costumes are still available!


Pride Costumes


Don’t forget to use the recently released Character Screen to mix and match your favorite costume elements to curate your wardrobe to complement your individuality.



There you have it, Poptropicans. Head to the store on Mainstreet to try some new threads and tune in next Monday for another Adventure Outfitters store update!


Until next time, keep on poppin' on. ?


Y e a hJune 21, 2021 pm30 2:28 pm

OMG I BOUGHT THOSE ITEMS WHEN MY GAME GLITCHED AND EVERYTHING WAS FREE- Their really cute and pretty thanks poptropica :))))

Y e a hJune 21, 2021 pm30 2:28 pm

Hey wait the dino costume wasn't for members- lol lucky me

Friendly RockJune 21, 2021 pm30 11:22 pm

The clothes were free to everyone

HiJune 21, 2021 pm30 10:09 pm

The dinosaur isn't even for members plus, you only added one new costume. Next time, can you please add more costumes?

Cheerful GamerJune 22, 2021 am30 10:19 am

Add more costumes next week please

Shifty pawJune 28, 2021 am30 4:43 am

Hey? Could the old costumes come back like the medicine man, and different costumes from2015?
Thankyou, and with the new baron's store, will that allow you to change the store because a lot of people (poptropicans) really miss it. Thankyou, good luck on the old islands!